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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rough Drafts, Pantzer STyle, Finished Mss

Just recalled I didn't post today, so this is late, but this is it.

Today I didn't write, I reread/revised chapters 12-14 and got chapters 14-15 scenes integrated and started on chapter 16. I also put all those chapters in a Master document and expanded it and the book, of course, looks like it's running long. I've spent a lot of time on the building and powering of boats, and maybe some of that can be cut. Overlong setup makes me nervous and I start thinking of the scenes I might have to cut, but follow my own advice for once.


Maybe I won't have to take out the potato scene after all.

But I won't know how long the book is until I actually finish it, so always get the first draft done before you decide to cut or plump. I know, when you hit the end chapters you usually know if it's short or long or Too Damn Long. BUT FINISH THE BOOK, then go back. A finished piece can always be massaged. One that isn't finished is just a mess.

My advice for the day. Tomorrow I am scanning the previous chapters for the set up of a subplot I need to weave in, then will write that scene and go on. Working chronologically for the next while.

Meanwhile, I know I have a choreography problem coming up in the main battle scene. I set something up in the beginning as a magical rule that now needs a big payoff, set the subplot up in the last book. This is not Sevair's book, but his bit of the plot needs to be tied up here, in the last battle. So I'm wondering where exactly it will come and who all will be involved -- six or twelve...

So that's my tease for the day.

We're supposed to get rain tonight and rain/snow tomorrow, so I'll say may the weather that comes be some that you enjoy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Timing -- Pacing -- And Sex Scenes

I understand pacing, I just don't always practice it...ok, I don't always THINK about it when I'm writing. When I revise and tighten, I sometimes consider it, if I have the time. Echoes of the Dark is going well, but I realized a couple of days ago that the internal timing of the book was off, as usual. And as usual, I haven't made a timeline for it.

Like most of the Summoning books, the first three days are slow because of the set up for the rest of the plot, then I can finesse "weeks passed" or whatever. But when I saw that the timing was off, I knew that the consummation of a relationship had to be moved up. That had me working in my subconscious, but I did figure out that there HAD been just enough set up that this could happen, if I motivated and wrote it right.

So this am was the consummation scene -- sex. Now with most of the Luna books, I've backed somewhat off in description (and in Keepers of the Flame there was just so much plot that much of the sex was "fade to black"). Despite a review on Amazon that Guardian of Honor was explicit, it wasn't nearly as explicit as my romances.

Sex is individual to the couple, the time and the place. I know this couple, but some of my language was wrong and, again, I backed away a little, just seemed the way to do it. Still, it took a lot longer to write the scene than I'd anticipated.

Now these posts are getting long, and I think the length put some folks off, so I'll try and write shorter. And, like, I could have broken it up into three today, but so it goes.

May your work go smoothly today.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sucking Out The Joy

I have a friend who says that if there is a way for a writer to suck joy out of something wonderful that's happened s/he will.

For instance:

I was at critique yesterday and Janet said, "That last love scene of Heart Fate was WONDERFUL, so beautifully written."

Me, instead of saying THANK YOU. "I thought it was too short."

Urgh! I slaved over that scene, and didn't really know that it worked, and it's a very important scene as you will learn when you read the book. And I still think it's too short.


May you be pleased with your work.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Critique - Brainstorming - RMFW Conference

Today was critique and we had a good time. There were 5 of us and our one guy member couldn't make it, so all women. We critiqued a mystery single title, a romance single title, watched it snow as we ate and worked on Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference programing -- moving stuff around, talking about who should do which seminars when, how many workshops we need on plotting, characters, etc.

I am doing a seminar on What You Need In the First Three Pages (pretty much a list of 20 things...YOU know, time, place, setting, protagonist, scene goal, character short term goal...) Also will be doing the speculative fiction part of a panel on genre.

I was going to take a chapter of Echoes in the Dark, but I'm, like, on chapter 14 of that book and they've seen, like, the first scene.

So I took Heart Journey for some plot brainstorming and we came up with some plot points that I never in a million years would have thought of by myself. I need to write some of the inner/outer plot down (mostly outer, 'cause we can talk about inner for days -- I'm NOT kidding -- and I KNOW inner motivation leads to plot, but doggone it, I want to do a quick 5 page synopsis for this book and get it out).

Anyway, I tossed and turned last night so I'm going to take a nap. I know its sounding like I nap every day, but I never did this week. Really tired now, though.

May you enjoy your weekend.

Friday, April 25, 2008


I've been working on emotional stuff yesterday and today, not quite planning to. Raine's Snap (when she's called back to Earth and her decision to stay or go), and part of the Final Battle scene, which turned out a little different, and I hope a little richer, than I'd planned.

I've stuck close around home this week, when I should be going out for more groceries. I had to go out on Monday because my cleaning person doesn't really like me around when she is here, and I feel strange, too. I didn't want to leave the house. I ended up going to La Loma for Mexican food, then driving to the park which I used in Road of Adventure (the novella in What Dreams May Come), which isn't too far, cranked the car seat back farther than I'd ever done and listened to some music.

Tuesday I went for a massage, Wednesday I had dinner (was picked up) with a friend after her yoga session at the neighborhood studio, and today I will be seeing my ex-roomie who frames all my art and her husband.

So social enough, and I've been online. And I've dealt with bills.

Writing advice/note is that be aware that creative writing and especially writing emotional scenes can drain you more than a regular day job.

May you have a pleasantly busy day full of small triumphs.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mystery Set up

PhotobucketI consider any of my stories that have a suspense or mystery plot to be "mystery lite." That is, I never expect to misdirect any reader as to who is the villain. I do the obligatory obfuscation, but really don't think anyone is fooled.

I picked up a book by a favorite author that had a set up (back cover copy) that intrigued me. Unfortunately, I got the idea by page 3 who the villain was, being me, I flipped to the back of the book, and sure enough, I was right. Now THAT'S a little TOO easy.

Which made me consider Heart Journey where I have a scene with three people (and, yes, they are three NEW people, not sure how much you will see of them), one of which was the villain. I'm definitely reconsidering that. Because, you know, readers who DO read to solve puzzles, or have the puzzle buzzing in the back of their brain, will immediately be alerted that A Suspense Plot Is Coming by a "casual" phrase. Then they will consider that authors often show the villain from the very beginning. Which means my readers will be spending a lot of time speculating which of the three it is.

So maybe I'll introduce a coupla other suspects down the road a little and have one of them be it. I like that idea better...so you have been warned.

Take care and may any puzzle that irritates you today be easily solved.

Wordcounts, Story, Cover Art

Got my morning wordcount done, but I don't know how long it took me because I usually check the file properties, but I started this file last night with a few sentences. Getting up and down to feed cats, give milk to cats, give pill to Mistral, make tea, always takes time... Anyway, it's done, but I have to make up for yesterday.

Even though I worked several hours, I only got a little over 600 words done because I was sewing chapters together, getting back in the story, editing. In my chron files I'm on chapter 15.

A couple of things about writing (advice/info portion of the blog). First, yesterday I got confused about my characters. **blush** I realized I hadn't put in my animal companion in the scene and went back to do so. This is a scene with Raine. Raine's animal companion is a young (think kitten/puppy) magical being/shapeshifter called Enerin. So I think of a scene and am very pleased and am writing it and about to add the closing line when I realize that the animal companion is a red cockatoo called Chasonette! Chasonette is Jikata's companion. Urgh! I am going by the rationalization that Enerin can change shapes...still, sorta embarrassing. I saved the scene to a file, warts and all (CHASONETTE IS JIKATA'S COMPANION), called oops. It's very small, just a snippet, to tell the reader why Chasonette isn't actually IN the next scene. About 170 words only. But I might put it up on my website anyway. I called the file Oops.

At RT I heard some people say that they put together a "bible" of all their rules, etc. I need to do this. I have notes, but I've been caught flat a couple of times. Mostly I don't want to read the books after I'm finished. This is particularly true of the Heart books which have the most rules... Actually, the book I read most often myself as a comfort read is Protector of the Flight, and the section I read is when they are back on Earth, not sure why.

I got the cover art for Echoes in the Dark (that's the title, NOT my choice, I still have it listed in my files as Singer For A World and so it will remain until I naturally stop thinking of it that way). I am worried that the cover seems to be YA. SORRY I CAN'T PUT IT UP, BUT I DON'T HAVE PERMISSION. The volcano island has become a volcano land mass. The great ship (think galleon/pirate ship) has become the prow of a small fishing/row boat...

Don't think I'll say anymore as I'm still mulling it over in my mind.

Well, I didn't nap yesterday, but did get a relentless deep tissue massage and am still recovering from the trip, so I'm going to break.

Take care and may you enjoy sunshine and life today.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Writing at Conferences


First, the cats got me up this am. I went to bed at about 8pm figuring it was 10 Eastern time, then Tommy thought I should get up at midnight and I grunted at him. He and Mistral were more insistent at 6 so up I got and attended to them and breakfast and I've finished my morning wordcount.

I wrote NOTHING at conference. There were niggling problems with the hotel that kept needing updated/handled (I slept on a hide-a-bed) and that distracted me, and I was tired, and I wanted to talk to friends...you choose the rationalization...oh, and the net was unavailable for three days and my flash drives or laptop didn't REALLY hold what I wanted...so you see, the excuses are endless.

I HAVE been able to write at conferences occasionally and a few pages, but it's not something I really do often. I usually room with someone.

Anyway, I think it really is because, deadline or not, I feel like I should be spending time on promotion, meeting people.

So, decide ahead of time whether you want to write, if you do, I recommend a single room and scheduling your time beforehand.

That's my advice for the day, even though my bedroom is flooded with sunshine, I think I'll go back...I think that the change in weather/time zones etc., may have given me a cold. Or maybe it's the blossoms. My tree outside my window is always late because it is between houses in the shade and doesn't even have buds on it yet.

May you read or write as much as you want today.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'd rather smell like orange juice...

Rainy in Pittsburgh this am, and cold on the plane. I think I finished packing about 2 am, and went to bed and tossed and turned for a millenium. Anyway was much slower and clumsier than usual and the puddle-jumper plane was cold, but I still wanted OJ. When I was reaching for my book, despite being careful, I spilled a lot of it.

Just as glad that I didn't ask for tea. I just had the best tea since I left. I didn't keep bottled water in my room and there was a definite taste to the tap, and I have one of those coils that take so long to heat water you've moved onto something else or are ready to go.

Conferences and Hotels ALWAYS put water in a pot that has contained coffee. For ONLY tea drinkers, this tastes like coffee. The Hilton followed this tradition for their Lipton. All I saw of black tea was Lipton at all the restaurants I went to and ordered tea. Celestial Seasonings needs to market there.

Sunny and 70s in Denver. My Mom came and got me alone. She looks more frail than I remember but is very competent, except she can't always hear what I say, even when I project and speak loud.

I reassured the cats, Mistral is looking good, took them outside, introduced Tommy to my neighbor Charlie so if Tommy ever gets out...Tommy bulleted from my arms and ran inside at the sound of Charlie's voice which leads to several sad conclusions. Mistral rolled in the dirt which she has generously spread across my monitor.

I'm running a bath...took care of a little business. Gonna bathe, nap, and maybe treat myself to a City of Heroes session. DO want to get the cleaned up Chapter 1s of Heart Change and Heart Journey. I think it was on Bitty, or Moon. The former flash drive got lost (very small about 1 1/4 inch) and the latter was dying and I took it anyway and, like, cappppuuuuuttttt. Neither the desktop nor the laptop recognizes it and I've been around and around that one before, so I don't think I can get anything from it.

A little upset but not much, I used both for backup so I don't think I lost anything.

That's the day. Will probably talk about RT more later, when I think about it more. DO plan on going to FL next year.

May the sun shine on you today.

Tomorrow I plan to hit the ground running.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Voice and Style

Voice and style are what truly defines a writer. Your unique voice, how you write, and the style, word choice/technique, are what are important. That's what will ultimately sell you.

That said, I feel I've found my voice and style in my work, but I've discovered I definitely need to refine my style as an author in public. I do have the long, flowing fantasy scarf coats etc., but haven't quite developed my voice. Not that I want to put on a complete mask or anything, I want to be true to myself, but sometimes I don't think my personality comes across.

Of course, I may be in conference melt down. I'm really looking forward to the booksigning today, and I'm sure that will be fine, but in other groups I need to know how to project who I am. ;) AND, not sure my meaning is coming through.

I'm quiet, so I don't sparkle much, particularly now when I'm tired, so I guess what I need to work on is a glow. Maybe a mysterious glow......LOL.

Anyway that's my thoughts for the day, and something I haven't really considered much before, but for you who are unpublished, start thinking about it NOW.

Take care and may the day be pleasurable.

Friday, April 18, 2008

RT -- Specialized Languages

I think I've talked about this before, but each profession or area of your life has a specialized language. This is definitely true about the new shortcuts when texting and/or email, or online activities.

First person present
sell through
promo alley

I think RT might have one all it's own, too.
Cover model
Club RT

And since my brain is slow today, that's about all I'll list here, except to say COH has an entire language too (City of Heroes), SO (single only enhancement, something that will change only one particular kind of character -- magic, mutant, science, technology, natural, and I think I'm forgetting one)...GM, AV, Great Monster, Arch Villain. You can tell I've spent more time on COH than at RT.

Anyway, I strongly suggest you do your research to get language right, and Navy Seal Talk is not the same as Army Ranger talk, and why would you expect it to be?

Don't depend on other books, or on TV and movies. TV and movies will often ditch something that is true for something that is dramatic. Georgette Heyer, she who began the genre of Regency romance or Regency Historical romance, got tired of newer authors depending completely on her work for research purposes and not doing the work she, herself, had done, and sometimes put inaccuracies in her books.

I was reminded of this at last night's Speakeasy. The Feehans had a list of 20's slang and I was pretty amazed at how many I knew. "Tomato/Jane" for female, like "hot tomato," "don't take any wooden nickles," "bum's rush." I actually recall hearing some of these terms and maybe they lingered in the central US more than other places.

Anyway, try to get your terms right.

May you have a very clear (in every way), day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RT -- Pitching Books

It is after midnight which means it's officially Thursday and I can do my blog. I am, once again, outside The Pub. I am also slightly sloshed. (ok, I've had spell check tell me that my fingers have stumbled 4 times already). I don't think I've ever blogged in this condition, but there's always a first time.

I did go to the Ellora's Cave party and talked to my friends and to an editor whom I once roomed with and is now quite high in the hierarchy (Advice Bit #1, strangers can become excellent networking friends. She will always remember me due to a bonding experience which I cannot relate in public or in mixed company). Even though I was late, she gave me the 2008 Ellora's Cave calendar of hunks, which I will probably give my next door neighbors, whose gay calendars I have often admired through my window.

I'm a rum girl, so I've had 2 rum and cokes, heavy on the rum. A fan bought me the first one (no doubt thinking I'd spill secrets....not quite). My friend, Linnea Sinclair bought the second.

My roomie is upstairs working on her pitch for Chris Keeslar of Leisure Boosk/Dorchester.

Right now I should say something witty and charming and revealing about pitches. I guess the best advice I would give you is to say WHY YOUR BOOK IS **DIFFERENT** than anything that editor has ever seen. I had dinner with an aspiring author and she had some Very different ideas. Things I'd never have thought of in a zillion years. that's definitely a plus.

Anyway, since Chris and Dorchester rejected HeartMate TWICE, I don't feel I can add much insight to her pitches...except not to mention my name.

Everyone I was at the bar with (the other bar, in the lobby) has gone. Mary Janice Davidson (whom I know a little and for some time), dropped by. She, of course, remembered Linnea. **sigh**

I think I might go to the bar and get one last rum and coke and fall into blissful and immediate sleep.

A good thing, I got 2 new beta readers who know the Heart series so I think I'll send them the proposal chapters. They haven't read the Summoning series so they will definitely be fresh eyes, and they don't always agree. So I believe that is a good thing for the day.

May you have no surprises today.

Romantic Times

Well, I am here. I don't have internet access in my room so I am outside the bar which is not so good. The hotel did not have the Double Double (2 double beds) which we had confirmed. I was promised we would get one.


Could be worse, the Pittsburgh Hilton gave away CATHERINE ASARO's room. If you arrived today, you were in trouble. Heaven help those coming in tomorrow. The overflow hotel is full too. They NEVER anticipate this. They never prepare. I don't get it. Anyway, I will drum on them for net access tomorrow, as I have for the last couple of days.

I have had some wonderful moments with fans.

My feet hurt.

Right now I'm tired, and I should pop into the Ellora's Cave party (there will be condoms on the tables, or would have been when it started), to see some friends.

So that's it for now, sorry I'm too tired to say much.

May all your days go smoothly.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Characters Who Steal Scenes

I've done my old wordcount for the day, and am pretty pleased at how quickly it went. Of course Alexa, the first heroine of Guardian of Honor, stole a scene and it's usually easy to write Alexa, she is so over the top. But I'm keeping this book in four view points, two women and two men and Alexa isn't one of them.

In the Luna books, Alexa usually gets to steal one scene and that's all. Always remember WHO your protagonist(s) is/are and control your secondary characters. If your secondary characters get away from you, cut the scene and, like, put it up on your website

There is an author who would introduce her protagonists, then her secondary characters and the secondary characters would take over the story. It was irritating because you wanted to know about THEM and the plot was about the protagonists. I started feeling sorry for her main characters.

As for my Fams, animal companions, if they are THE companion of the book, I give them a little slack, because I can use them as comic relief, mentors or tricksters....and I do know that Zanth stole most of HeartMate. ;)

That's my writing info for the day. Don't know if I'll have the time to log on before I leave at 3:20 am tomorrow morning, and probably very little time for the rest of the day.

May all the characters in your life treat you well.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Writerly stuff that never goes away

Yesterday I mainly printed graphics and cut and paste (since my printer WOULD NOT accept label parameters).... anyway, I've been away from the story for a full day and now I am afraid to face the page, that my writing won't be good, my ideas are pedestrian, the book won't pull together.

You'd think that after mumbledy-mumble years of writing I would get over this, and after 6 1/2 years of being published.


And I'm doing comparisons. Carol Berg and I read together a while back and her prose was so lyrical and beautiful. I read from Keepers of the Flame which I consider very workmanlike, the best I could do with the resources I had (my fav affirmation), but not as good as if it had been a single book instead of one and a half, if I had had time to reconfigure the story, if I hadn't had to write it in 5 months and proof it in four hours.

Still, most people won't know that. They'll pick up other books that enthrall them more with the language, more depth, better twists.

And I'm not saying much of it wasn't my responsibility. I agreed to the contract (though I certainly didn't understand the production schedule beforehand), and I certainly won't agree to such a contract again. I didn't want to walk away, wasn't ready to, and that was that, but it means that I will always be dissatisfied with Keepers of the Flame, which is a shame because overall I think it's a good, entertaining read.

So fear of failure, of lack, and comparisons always shadow many of us, published, unpublished, multi-published, best selling authors. So I should just suck it up and get on, but I think I'll go take a nap instead. ;) I'm still feeling low on sleep, and I've hit major conferences before when I've been pretty burnt out and it's not a good thing.

I'll write later this afternoon and evening. Promise.

May you have no doubts today,

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Physical Object Inspiration

Some buildings that I know I've seen and couldn't quite find have haunted me for a few years.

One was what I thought was a Masonic Temple that a friend of mine took me through when it was deserted. I used that in Sorceress of Faith, where Marian attends a fundraiser after her Snap back to Earth. Today I went to a birthday tea and used the garmin, on the way back I found the building. It wasn't a Masonic Temple, it was the Dora Moore School. Wonderful photos here.

I'm still not quite sure whether that was the building or not, but it was something like this (as if there really is something like this)...

The second is the famous (to my readers) Turquoise House. I think the basis of that house was an old one that my aunt and uncle designed, built and lived in and it has since been demolished, so no luck at finding an image there. Someday I might see something that looks a little like it.

I have done only promo stuff today (and birthday party). Some very time-intensive graphics, labels, handwork, etc.

I think I'm whiny because I'm running short of sleep, haven't slept well for a while, so eventually the whine should go away. Thanks for being patient.

May you enjoy your day.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Daily Grind

All right the first part of my wordcount is done, not brilliantly, but done. Hopping all around the book as an idea occurs to me, still mostly working on the Before The Battle Scenes, then I anticipate going back to my chron which is still in the setup state.

I was invited to contribute to RMFW's next anthology. Actually I was invited last time, too, and was just snowed under. I'm waiting and seeing.

Couldn't find my promo bowl to hold my cards, so went to Cherry Creek and bought 2 more and Z Galleria had 3 people, one new person at the cash register, helping the person before me and wrapping 2 huge urns and unfamiliar with processing a check. Two other people were just sort of milling around, certainly weren't helpful to check me out, so the trip took a lot longer (I must have waited 15 minutes to be checked out and since I was standing in a RED raincoat it wasn't as if they didn't see me, and they had this awful minor toned screeching beat on, didn't help). Yup, RT is coming up and I'm nervous and grumpy and only just now preparing. Why didn't that weight melt off like I expected? Even if I didn't exercise?

Now I'm off to the monthly Literary Ladies Luncheon at the Empress and more promo shopping, office stuff. When I get back, I'll do my pm words.

Tonight I guess I'll clean and print book cover labels for the gimme bags and other labels for my gimme items. Oh, and I MUST go to the P.O. before 6, so I guess that's what I'll do when I get home, thereby getting stuck in traffic. Sigh. I brought this on myself.

May your day go smoothly,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scheduling -- Again

I'm almost afraid to say that the writing has been going well. I've been doing morning and afternoon sessions, and working around that schedule. Since I'll be leaving on Tuesday, there's not much time to really get this habit set. And I'm writing on a really interesting portion of the book -- just before the big battle, so that's also good.

This evening I didn't work on the Heart proposals, too tired. I DID go back and read everything I needed to do for RT and YIKES! Print out labels for bags, labels for the tea I'm giving away, ARCs of Heart Fate (I think 3 or so). I DO have the new color printer/scanner up and running...meanwhile the house is back to it's messy self. Mostly because the cats are being picky eaters. Usually I just put the overage of food outside and it disappears (snow here today so still winter, won't be doing that in summer), but if I put something out, then try something different, then a third...suddenly I have a mass of dirty plates.

Need to get my wardrobe together, too. Not sure what parties I'll attend. I'll just pack most of my good stuff. I have an outfit that looks sort of like Bri's on Keepers of the Flame. Brown suade like trousers (only chocolate and wide legged), just bought a cream colored silk blouse with stand up collar and frogs, couldn't be better, and have an off-the-rack kimono robe in case my made-for-me kimono doesn't arrive in time (since I paid late for it and neglected to tell my friend when I needed it). That's all ok, though.

I'm booked on American Airlines so there is a chance I might not go at all. :( If all goes well the blue airport van will pick me up VERY early in the am and I'll get to Pittsburgh 12 hours later. Oh, joy.

That's it for me today. I guess my advice would be, as usual, find a good schedule and keep to it.

May your work go well today.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Intense writing during this morning's word count. I've been restless and unable to settle down to work, even after all the tax documents were in my accountants' hands. So I allowed myself to write out of sequence -- way out of sequence.

Dawn before the battle.

You all know there's going to be a fierce and deadly battle in the last Luna book, right?

Anyway, I haven't written much before the battle because I've been wary about whether the emotional tone would be right by the time I got there. But I think this will work...and, of course, I didn't start as far in the scene as I'd originally intended, so after I walk down to Heidi's Deli (the original one) and get some ciabotta (sp), I can come back and do the other scene. Then maybe I won't feel so far behind.

RT is beginning to scare me. I am a complete introvert, and being there, I'll always have to be "on" try and be as charming as possible. Lately I've been very shy and grumpy and worried about Mistral. In fact, I'm behind on preparing for my panel and the Intergalactic Bar and Grille party.

And I haven't done my website update.

And I need to get my Hear books proposal in asap.

Sigh. How does this happen?

May you always be ahead of that stone rolling down at you like in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


All right. T'Ash is Lorenzo Lamas Photobucket FROM AN OLD PUBLICITY PHOTO FOR RENEGADE.
or a young Oliver Reed. Danith Mallow D'Ash is Linda Ronstadt.


Holm is Hardy Krueger Jr. with lighter hair:

PHOTO FROM THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE: http://www.kempf-theater.de/green/index.shtml


I've become a fan of Dancing with the Stars and there's a blond dancer, Derek Hough, who is somewhat baby faced, but that man can MOVE. So no still photo from him. He's dancing with Shannon Elizabeth this year and I am just stunned by his grace. So he's going to be Tinne. :)

My heroine, Lahsin Burdock Yew, is very young and somewhat Asian looking so I haven't cast her yet....(just did) Angelica Panganiban. Picture is from the spread in Maxim Magazine, Issue 1, in the Phillpines.


Whew. Something done, now to study my panel questions....


Trust Me, Baby

So, I walk into a bookstore and see a book by an author I usually like. I read the back blurb and it's not a story set up that I usually care for. So, I think "Do I trust this author?" If yes, I buy the book anyway and usually enjoy it.

The good thing about this is that I give the author a chance and s/he delivers what I like. I'd love to be that kind of author.

The bad thing about this is that if the author wants to take some chances or do something different, s/he could turn off readers....for instance, I have an urban fantasy trilogy I've been working on a little bit over the last couple of years to shape into a proposal. This would be three books about THE SAME characters, same heroine, same hero, so the arc would be fairly long. And since the character arc is fairly long, I feel that I can set up the hero with an intense not-so-noble scene the first time we see him. But I might be wrong.

I tend to write "light" there are intense moments in my books, but there are also light moments, and I like it that way. This trilogy would, at least, start darker.

I'll be getting it out and see what the reception is. Might take an "open" pseudonym, just to let folks know that it might not quite be what they expect from me.

So I want it both ways. ;)

May you get what you want today.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Doing Taxes

Started at 7am, not quite done, but all the expenses figured. Don't know if I'll need to pay or not, or will even remain sane.

Nuff said,

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Casting Books

Yes, I do this, but my choices may be odd and rare and from OLD movies. T'Ash was Lorenzo Lamas, or a young Oliver Reed. T searched long and hard for the image I had of Danith and it turned out to be a young Linda Ronstadt.

I have to cast a book for my panel at RT. I really don't want to reveal such choices and have people go "ewww", and I need white-blonds for the Hollys. Got any ideas? I've already spent an hour and a half looking for guys who might do. I think David McCallum (young) might work, also ran into Owen Wilson, there's one photo of Dolph Lundgren that is charming, but all the rest are not, too muscular. Of course there was Spike in Buffy...(a blond James Marsters)...


Any help gratefully accepted and I'll say so at the panel, if I remember my notes...


Friday, April 04, 2008

Seas and Oceans and Moons...

One of my characters is a shipbuilder in the last Luna book, and I've been straining with the research (and determining a magical propulsion system). I looked at my maps (the few I had on the laptop) this morning so I can ground myself. I made more than my daily count so far, but I took yesterday and ALL of last week off, and worked on the Heart Fate copy edits earlier this week so I need to make up time.

Also preparing for RT convention (Romantic Times) in less than two weeks. I'm going to mine my extra bits of contest prizes that I bought two of, whatever, for baskets and goodies. Also must update the website for April, but the others come first, I think.

Anyway, I'm feeling good and now must go to the grocery store. Mistral isn't eating much and I want to get her tastier food. I'm becoming accustomed to the idea that her life may be winding down, especially if the vet can't let her breathe easier.

That's life today. Hope to get to more work later. :) I named today's new writing file "RaineTown" and Raine didn't even make it INTO the town, the whole scene took place on the beach...

May your work satisfy you today and blessings on all animal companions!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Back to Luna

I've written very little today, but I HAVE sewn together chapters 9-11 and am working on 12. They go back and forth, pretty much chronologically, between Jikata (heroine) and Raine. I'm tired now, so I think I may take a nap. Since I've been "out" at least a couple of hours every day since I got back, I'm loafing at home today.

I think I might be coming up to "and over the next two weeks, Jikata learned from the Singer" sort of thing and then the story will really get rolling, but I've set up a few things in "visions." Calli is the only Exotique that the visions show will definitely survive the last battle...a scene between Luthan and Jikata...you know.

I'm thinking a little about the next scenes and will let them simmer in the creative mud of my unconscious...

May your day be satisfying.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Heart Fate Copy Edits

No April fool from me...

The car was the fuel pump, which I happily paid for and am now independent again. I finished the copy edits of Heart Fate yesterday in good time and now want to tinker with a couple of spots, then I'll copy the 513 page ms and send it off. The easiest edits ever...though I am not happy with the drama of one of my scenes and may add a couple of paragraphs, which means a separate sheet of paper.

I did let my editor get most of her way with corrections and my copy editor some of her way with my sentence fragments. I've added no more than 5 lines to the ms. It was interesting reading it because since I cut some things in the front, the rest of the plot came up a little faster and that was fine.

I'm running a bath and will soak, but I spent the morning trying to rest, and catch up on my sleep.

May you have an easy day.

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