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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Trust Me, Baby

So, I walk into a bookstore and see a book by an author I usually like. I read the back blurb and it's not a story set up that I usually care for. So, I think "Do I trust this author?" If yes, I buy the book anyway and usually enjoy it.

The good thing about this is that I give the author a chance and s/he delivers what I like. I'd love to be that kind of author.

The bad thing about this is that if the author wants to take some chances or do something different, s/he could turn off readers....for instance, I have an urban fantasy trilogy I've been working on a little bit over the last couple of years to shape into a proposal. This would be three books about THE SAME characters, same heroine, same hero, so the arc would be fairly long. And since the character arc is fairly long, I feel that I can set up the hero with an intense not-so-noble scene the first time we see him. But I might be wrong.

I tend to write "light" there are intense moments in my books, but there are also light moments, and I like it that way. This trilogy would, at least, start darker.

I'll be getting it out and see what the reception is. Might take an "open" pseudonym, just to let folks know that it might not quite be what they expect from me.

So I want it both ways. ;)

May you get what you want today.


Blogger Melinda Seckington said...

Using a pseudonym for this kind of situation is a great idea. If it is a different type of book (structure and genre wise) than your other series, you're clearly showing readers: "hey, beware, this is slightly different approach". You leave it up to the reader to try it or not, knowing fully though it won't be the same as a previous book.

That's better than: reader picks up a new book from an author, then blames the author for misleading them into reading it.

The series sounds interesting; I know I would read it :)

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would at least pick up the first book in the series and I tend to buy all of the books in a series. I have only been "burnt" twice and that was because my author paired up with another author and I just did not like the style of the finished product. I have acutally donated to a library the hard back books to a library even though I have all of the books by these authors.

I am looking forward to your new series.


10:48 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Well, this series is 3rd in priority, though I have a couple of chapters. First the Heart books, then the new paranormal-urban-fantasy duo, then this one....

We'll see what happens, whenever.


1:21 PM  

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