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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Critique - Brainstorming - RMFW Conference

Today was critique and we had a good time. There were 5 of us and our one guy member couldn't make it, so all women. We critiqued a mystery single title, a romance single title, watched it snow as we ate and worked on Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference programing -- moving stuff around, talking about who should do which seminars when, how many workshops we need on plotting, characters, etc.

I am doing a seminar on What You Need In the First Three Pages (pretty much a list of 20 things...YOU know, time, place, setting, protagonist, scene goal, character short term goal...) Also will be doing the speculative fiction part of a panel on genre.

I was going to take a chapter of Echoes in the Dark, but I'm, like, on chapter 14 of that book and they've seen, like, the first scene.

So I took Heart Journey for some plot brainstorming and we came up with some plot points that I never in a million years would have thought of by myself. I need to write some of the inner/outer plot down (mostly outer, 'cause we can talk about inner for days -- I'm NOT kidding -- and I KNOW inner motivation leads to plot, but doggone it, I want to do a quick 5 page synopsis for this book and get it out).

Anyway, I tossed and turned last night so I'm going to take a nap. I know its sounding like I nap every day, but I never did this week. Really tired now, though.

May you enjoy your weekend.


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