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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mystery Set up

PhotobucketI consider any of my stories that have a suspense or mystery plot to be "mystery lite." That is, I never expect to misdirect any reader as to who is the villain. I do the obligatory obfuscation, but really don't think anyone is fooled.

I picked up a book by a favorite author that had a set up (back cover copy) that intrigued me. Unfortunately, I got the idea by page 3 who the villain was, being me, I flipped to the back of the book, and sure enough, I was right. Now THAT'S a little TOO easy.

Which made me consider Heart Journey where I have a scene with three people (and, yes, they are three NEW people, not sure how much you will see of them), one of which was the villain. I'm definitely reconsidering that. Because, you know, readers who DO read to solve puzzles, or have the puzzle buzzing in the back of their brain, will immediately be alerted that A Suspense Plot Is Coming by a "casual" phrase. Then they will consider that authors often show the villain from the very beginning. Which means my readers will be spending a lot of time speculating which of the three it is.

So maybe I'll introduce a coupla other suspects down the road a little and have one of them be it. I like that idea better...so you have been warned.

Take care and may any puzzle that irritates you today be easily solved.


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