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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scheduling -- Again

I'm almost afraid to say that the writing has been going well. I've been doing morning and afternoon sessions, and working around that schedule. Since I'll be leaving on Tuesday, there's not much time to really get this habit set. And I'm writing on a really interesting portion of the book -- just before the big battle, so that's also good.

This evening I didn't work on the Heart proposals, too tired. I DID go back and read everything I needed to do for RT and YIKES! Print out labels for bags, labels for the tea I'm giving away, ARCs of Heart Fate (I think 3 or so). I DO have the new color printer/scanner up and running...meanwhile the house is back to it's messy self. Mostly because the cats are being picky eaters. Usually I just put the overage of food outside and it disappears (snow here today so still winter, won't be doing that in summer), but if I put something out, then try something different, then a third...suddenly I have a mass of dirty plates.

Need to get my wardrobe together, too. Not sure what parties I'll attend. I'll just pack most of my good stuff. I have an outfit that looks sort of like Bri's on Keepers of the Flame. Brown suade like trousers (only chocolate and wide legged), just bought a cream colored silk blouse with stand up collar and frogs, couldn't be better, and have an off-the-rack kimono robe in case my made-for-me kimono doesn't arrive in time (since I paid late for it and neglected to tell my friend when I needed it). That's all ok, though.

I'm booked on American Airlines so there is a chance I might not go at all. :( If all goes well the blue airport van will pick me up VERY early in the am and I'll get to Pittsburgh 12 hours later. Oh, joy.

That's it for me today. I guess my advice would be, as usual, find a good schedule and keep to it.

May your work go well today.


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