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Friday, August 28, 2015

Ghost Seer, Except, Day 6

The remembrance of the lonely melancholy of the Native American pulled at her, along with Enzo’s big dog eyes and huge expectations. So she nerved herself and returned to the ghost.

His passing took a very short time and was unnerving. He’d spoken oddly in her head with more images than language; she’d had to assure him that no one of his tribe remained for him to protect, that his horse was gone, too. Then he’d walked down the rise, sending a cold wind her way, and vanished.

Enzo had congratulated her, but with less enthusiasm than when she’d helped the little girl.


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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Celta Thursday, pic of T'Ash

At a writing retreat in mtns.iffy wifi, new crew taking care of cats, as well as neighbors looking in. Nearly forgot it's Thursday. Offered City of Heroes pics of heroes/heroines on FB and readers wanted T'Ash. Here he is, but not from City of Heroes.

Ghost Layer Snippet: Day 5

The sparring with the tall skinny white guy with a mustache waxed into points and fuzzy sideburns didn’t go as well as Zach would have liked. He couldn’t take the man down and that was solely because the dude was awesome with a damn cane. At least he didn’t go down himself and was sweating less in his shirt sleeves—ungartered—than the instructor.

Pretty much a draw.

Mr. Laverstock pulled a large white handkerchief from his trousers pocket and wiped his face. “We can work one-on-one as we have now, or I have a schedule of classes.” He walked into the open doorway on the far end of the room and returned with a sheet of paper. Zach glanced at it and noticed it was the same as the one posted on the bulletin board. The class coming up in a half hour was called “Victorian Vixens.”

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ghost Seer Day 4

“Clare Cermak has decided to face her fears and is going to walk in LoDo . . . where there are quite a massive number of unhappy ghosts,” Zach's elderly landlady stated. “Ghosts of the Chinese who lost their lives in the race riot of Hop Alley in 1880, ghosts of despairing and desperate women who were prostitutes in the red-light district, including three who were strangled by a serial killer in 1894.”

Zach stared at her. “You know a lot,” he muttered.

Her lips compressed into a thin line before she said, “I know the ghosts of Denver, Zach.” A heavy silence. “Since I believe in them.”

He raised his brows. “And you think I should.”

“I think you have a gift—”


She inclined her head.

“Are you going to throw me out?” he asked, a pang zipping to his gut. He liked this place. He liked her and Mrs. Magee. He loved the food.

Her head tilted and expression softened. “Not right now. Especially not if you help Clare.”

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ghost Seer, Day 3 snippet

But nobody other than she could save herself. She had to do it.

Alone. Because who would believe her?

**If you don’t accept your gift that you can see ghosts, then you will die. And if you don’t help the gunfighter ghost pass on, you can go crazy,** her phantom dog said, laying out the new rules Clare had to live . . . or die by.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Ghost Seer, Day 2, Zach Slade and Clare Cermak meet

Ghost Seer, Aug 24, Day 2.

A single woman just inside the restaurant sitting by the window caught his attention. Her conservative gray suit and the clean head-hugging cut of her thick brown hair with gleaming red strands showed that she considered herself a serious professional.

This impression was contradicted by the fact that she appeared to be talking to herself—or, perhaps, reading aloud from the book open in front of her.

He was a sucker for lovely contradictions, and he couldn’t see her eyes behind her shades. Very intriguing.

“Jack Slade!” she announced.

Sounded like “Zach.”

He walked in and gave her a slow smile, moved up to the square two-top. “Yeah? You called?”


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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ghost Seer snippets, Day 1, August 23

Since Ghost Seer is a contemporary paranormal, and today is the start of the book, I'm posting a snippet excerpt (and I'll be doing this through Ghost Talker, which I'm writing now, pretty much until the 3rd week of September)

Ghost Seer, the start of the series, day 1, August 23:

**I like the way you smell. I’m staying,** the figment of her imagination, a “ghost” dog, said. It—he?—sat on the end of her bed.

“No,” Clare Cermak whispered as she slapped a palm down on her buzzing alarm clock. She stared at him in shock. Well, through him. He didn’t have a touch of color.

“This can’t be happening,” she muttered. She was on her third day of denial of ghosts, but that still worked for her. A year might work for her. Forever.

She closed her eyes and scooted under the sheet.


Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/1gmQQm0

Friday, August 21, 2015

Lost Heart, a Celta Enovella

I have requested to purchase this cover for the Barton Clover-Enata Licorice story currently called Lost Heart. Not sure whether I'll get it, but the order has gone in (about a week after I posted. I really thought about it). As you all may or may not know, I write out of order and then write transitions for my scenes and chapters. So it was easy for me to work the cover into the story (just this morning!) Here it is:

They would leave the mysterious island tomorrow at dawn, probably never to return. [SPOILER CUT]. Sorrow filled her . . . and sleep teased Enata, then vanished, leaving her awake in the dark. As far as she knew, Barton made the rounds of the castle one more time. Finally she gave up on sleep and teleported in her nightgown to the headland opposite the castle, to look at it one last time.

A whisper of sound and warmth at her back told her Barton had joined her.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Celta Thursday: Cut scene idea from Heart Quest

Cut scene idea from Heart Quest: Nothing was so important as understanding her HeartMate. Inhaling deeply of the gentle herbal incense, Trif adjusted the comfortchair one last time before seeking her Flair, her psi power, and searching the past – for Winterberry and his last Passage, his emotional dreamquest.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Celta Thursday -- Pic of BalmHeal garden

Celta Thursday. I remain behind deadline and under the gun for Ghost Talker, so I'm taking the easy way out the rest of the month until I turn it in. :) So here's a pic of the garden I based BalmHeal estate on. :)

Friday, August 07, 2015

Celta Thursdays and the Ghost Seer series

A couple of things. First, I will probably be doing more "bits" for Celta Thursdays. That is, less full fledged scenes, more like a paragraph or two and lines.

Next, on August 21 Clare Cermak first saw ghosts...I'm hoping to post small excerpts of all the Ghost books each day through GHOST TALKER even (the one I'm working on), through September 25th (which I think will be the ending date of Ghost Talker). This is an ambitious project. I am hoping to entice those of you who haven't tried the Ghost books into buying them.
smile emoticon
Also, since my blog feed goes to amazon, to pick up readers there.

That's my plan, just letting you all know ahead of time so there are not many surprises.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Celta Thursday -- Pic of Great Labyrinth crater

Before vegetation set in and before being made into the Labyrinth.

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