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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Voice and Style

Voice and style are what truly defines a writer. Your unique voice, how you write, and the style, word choice/technique, are what are important. That's what will ultimately sell you.

That said, I feel I've found my voice and style in my work, but I've discovered I definitely need to refine my style as an author in public. I do have the long, flowing fantasy scarf coats etc., but haven't quite developed my voice. Not that I want to put on a complete mask or anything, I want to be true to myself, but sometimes I don't think my personality comes across.

Of course, I may be in conference melt down. I'm really looking forward to the booksigning today, and I'm sure that will be fine, but in other groups I need to know how to project who I am. ;) AND, not sure my meaning is coming through.

I'm quiet, so I don't sparkle much, particularly now when I'm tired, so I guess what I need to work on is a glow. Maybe a mysterious glow......LOL.

Anyway that's my thoughts for the day, and something I haven't really considered much before, but for you who are unpublished, start thinking about it NOW.

Take care and may the day be pleasurable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


It was so cool to go to the RT Convention. I have never attended one before and I went this time because: 1)you were there and 2)it was within driving distance. I had so much fun and it was fantastic to meet you face to face.

I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did. It was great to meet you and to talk to you (even briefly).

Keep up the good work, keep writing, and generally, just enjoy life.


2:34 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

It was lovely meeting you, I really enjoyed our little chat, folks came and went at the book fair and I had a good time.

Take care,

2:58 PM  

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