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Monday, February 28, 2011

Heart Collection -- Heart & Sword is DONE

Heart and Sword is DONE, and turned out to be 10K more than what I thought...and need to add a bit, too.

So that means the collection is really long and I must cut.

But, like, WHEW.

1) Eat breakfast
2) Take bath and unwind
3) Go do housesitting
4) Transcribe edits from Heart and Soul
5) Transcribe edits from Heart Story
6) Revise Noble Heart, then transcribe
7) Revise Heart & Sword, then transcribe

That will take a couple of days. But I am very pleased. Once again I managed to struggle through jungle and emerge with story by the tail. It may purr soon.


Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ok, seriously under the gun and have squirrel brain due to deadlne. So just a little something to keep you all going while I remain, Absent. (Currently in space, running out of fuel with mutineers...)

Love, Robin

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Publisher's Weekly Starred Review!

For Enchanted No More! Yes, this is a big deal. Not only for me, but for anyone who writes.

This is so exciting. Finally, after 10 years!

02/07/2011 Fiction

Web Exclusive Enchanted No More: Mystic Circle, Book One

Robin D. Owens, Luna, $14.95 trade paper (432p)

ISBN 978-0-373-80323-1


RITA Award-winner Owens (Protector of the Flight) offers a world strongly imbued with a sense of magic in this contemporary fantasy series launch. Jenni Weavers, an online game developer who resides in Denver, stepped away from her magical heritage as Jindesfarne Mistweaver 15 years earlier, after a significant battle resulted in the deaths of her family except for one crippled brother, and alienation from her lover and the rest of the magical community. The rulers of the Lightfolk again seek the Mistweavers' unique ability to balance the four magical energies and capture the power of rising bubbles of magical energy. The Darkfolk forces are on the rise, including new creatures, shadleeches, that feed on magical beings. Jenni's brother Rothly has gone lost in the mists after the Eight paired rulers of the four elements persuaded him to undertake the mission, leaving only Jenni with the ability to find him. Despite her hurt and distrust of her ex, Aric Paramon and the Eight, Jenni agrees. Romance and fantasy fans will enjoy Jenni's preparation to enter a new world of compromise between the Folk, humans, and technology and Jenni's rediscovery of love along the way. (Jan.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saved By A Friend

I wrote Heart Story at the end of last March, beginning of April. And I thought I recalled Heart Dance (where Arbusca was introduced) well enough not to re-read it. I was wrong. Brenna recently won an ARC of Heart Story and pointed out a dreadful mistake...and yes, I will have to add a bit to the story to fix it. ;)

I can't thank her enough. So I'm doing it here, too.

Thank you Brenna,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Noble Heart is done!

Well, I have one more love scene to, heh, heh, flesh out. And I have 3 scenes in the print out that need to go SOMEWHERE because they are conflict between the hero and heroine, which must intensified. So I haven't actually allowed myself to write "The End." And more FAMiliar companion bits need to be added.

But all the chapters (1-10working), and the scenes are there. It came out 50660 words. I want to revise to 50K or less.

It's as rough a draft as I've ever done.

May you be pleased today.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Contest: Need Help, Clover Nobility Stuff

Way back in HeartMate I set up that a newly risen person (or Family) from commoner to noble had to do a few things.

Here's the passage: A stack of papyrus at least fifteen centimeters thick sat there. She pulled them out in bundles, and found them to be forms: "Biography for the NobleCouncil," "Verification of Life Papyrus," "Application for Noble Name, Coat-of-Arms, Motto, Heraldry." Finally there was a red-bound book, Responsibilities of a Head of a GrandHouse, Laws, Rules, and Regulations Pertaining to the Nobility (Examination Upon Completion).

Now, I have an idea for the main element of the heraldry/coat-of-arms. Four four-leaf-clovers attached at the stem, cross-like (and if I'd ever mastered my new graphics program I'd show you, but I still haven't). Uncle Pink Clover, the head of the household won on that one. I'm thinking that Mitchella is going to hold the line at a simple coat of arms, like the clover-cross on a silver shield.

I need a motto: Always a Lucky Clover around when you need one. Or, Always In Clover, or something. Since I didn't really care too much for the ones above, I'm opening it up.

Prize: The ARC of Noble Heart (one story) after it's done and POLISHED. This will not be a Beta read -- unless you want a beta read, but it's either/or. Right now this is the longest of the stories in the collection, and I anticipate it to remain that way.

Additional Contest: Anyone who DOES love playing with graphics, can give me a coat of arms and/or heraldry with the Clover cross and will also get the above story.

Thank you.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Another Killer Cover -- Hearts & Swords

Just got this. And, no, I'm not done with Noble Heart yet, nor Heart & Sword...and, no, there will probably not be a scene like this in one of the stories. But the atmosphere fits....


I'm very pleased.

Comments welcome.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Scenes Today

Scenes I'm writing today: Walker and Sedwy's love scene. (Noble Heart). The revelation to Kelse Bountry that the mission to find another planet is in trouble -- and there's mutiny. (Heart & Sword). Curse-breaking and genealogical conference between Amber Sarga and Rafe Davail (Enchanted Again -- modern day).

May you enjoy your plans today, and may they go smoothly.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Office Window

Yes, I should be working on Noble Heart, Heart & Sword and Enchanted Again. Instead I'm here.

Last time I checked it was 7 below. I liked the frost around my glass cat on the window, so took a pic. Here it is. Now back to work. ;)


May you enjoy the weather of the day.

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