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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Need FAM advice

Need FAM advice for Heart Secret. I have one kitten for the hero (who just moved in on him), nothing for Artemisia Mugwort, a serene soul and a Healer who lives with her Family (parents and sister Tiana, friend in Heart Search).

No Fam has shown up for her (and I think I'm halfway through the book), and I have no twist for the Fams. So let me know.

Reward: Reading Heart Secret as I write it/go along as Beta, OR (your choice), Heart Secret ARC when it's done OR ARC of Hearts And Swords.

Many thanks, Robin

Must See Baby Hippo Ballet

This is fabulous. I must keep.

May you enjoy playing! And blessings to all of you in the EAST!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Enchanted Again Front Cover

Here's just the front in more detail! And yesterday was 99, a record here -- the hottest it's ever been so late in the year. :( I feel like Amber (heroine). Next up will be the current back cover copy.


May you have a cool and SAFE (you NEasterners), day! Irene frightens me for the damage it can do to our country and cities.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Enchanted Again Cover Flat!

Enchanted Again's cover flat (front, spine, back) -- here it is. I am very pleased. Note, the heroine's name is Amber and they went with that, so the heroine on the cover has darker hair. I wrote in the clothes. ;) Also the desert is more metaphorical than Red Rocks in March.



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Extra -- 1st Draft Heart Search first Scene

Extra, 1st Draft of Heart Search first Scene:

Here it is in all it's warts -- the cut first scene of Heart Search...

Druida City, Celta, 422 Years After Colonization, Late Spring

"We've located your heirloom amethyst and diamond cuff bracelets," the private investigator said. His craggy face was expressionless on the scry screen hanging on the richly paneled wall near Laev Hawthorn's desk.

Laev Hawthorn, GreatLord T'Hawthorn, kept his own face as impassive but let hope trickle through him. As far as he knew, those were the last of the Family treasures his late wife, Nivea, had sold before his HeartGift. His Heartgift – that creation that reflected his deepest self that he’d produced at seventeen in a dreamquest when his magic ran wild.

He might be able to retrieve all the lost items after all. "Thank you. How much will it cost to recover the bracelets?"

The investigator told him and Laev’s jaw tightened. It wasn't at the amount. Like most FirstFamilies he had generational wealth that wasn't easily dissipated – though Nivea had done her best. But it was an expense he wouldn't have had if he hadn't made a bad mistake in choosing his wife.

"Residence?" he addressed the intelligent castle that he lived in.

"Here, T'Hawthorn," the Residence answered, at it's haughtiest. It didn't approve of the investigator, hadn't approved of Nivea, and Laev was unsure of its feelings for himself.

"Transfer funds to cover the retrieval of the jewels and Prime Investigation's bill," Laev said.

"Thank you," the private eye said. His eyes narrowed and he continued softly, "Now, GreatLord, why don't you tell me what you really want me to find?"

Laev kept his stare steady. Obviously the man was more observant than Laev had anticipated. The investigator was a master of his craft and several years older than Laev's thirty-two. Though a commoner, the man had a confidence – and an aura that whatever mistakes he'd made, he'd fixed them immediately ...and they weren't as costly as Laev’s spectacular failure.

"I’ll do that, Primross, but not now and not over a scry."

A door banged in the castle and a rush of exuberance seemed to breeze toward him. His student, a girl like the younger sister he'd always wanted, had arrived for her morning lesson in finance and estate building. It took real effort to slam the door in the Residence, but Jasmine Ash always managed. She'd stop at the kitchens for a treat and to stroke Black Pierre, the old FamCat who'd survived Laev's FatherSire's death.

Laev said, "I don't have any more time for this matter now. Please obtain the bracelets and have them delivered as soon as possible."

With a mock-subservient dip of the head, Garrett Primross said, "As you wish, GreatLord." He hesitated a beat, then asked, "Do you wish to continue to retain my firm?"

Primross Investigations was only the man himself and an apprentice, but Laev appreciated pride a lot more now than he had as a youngster. Sometimes appearances and pride were all that had kept him going.

"Yes." He calculated how long it would take for Primross to find his HeartGift. That gift, made during the second fugue which freed his psi power, his Flair, could only be truly sensed by himself and his HeartMate. Too bad he'd thought Nivea was his HeartMate when he was a gullible seventeen and given it to her.
He studied Primross. The detective had already exceeded Laev's expectations in recovering some of the family treasures. Laev’s pride had been too touchy to speak to another FirstFamily lord to track them. Discreet inquiries had led Laev to Primross.

It didn't matter that Primross disliked the noble class and barely treated Laev with civility. It didn't matter that Laev's pride took a beating as he revealed his secrets to the man. What mattered was getting the items back, and in that, Primross had been successful.

Another concern was the amount of time that had passed. Nivea had been dead for nearly two years. She’d been selling Hawthorn items for five years before that – objects that Laev’s FatherSire wouldn’t have considered valuable but Laev did.
Laev’s FatherSire, who had hidden the problem from him, had passed on three months ago. The shock that Nivea had been a thief and his FatherSire had tolerated that, made no attempt to retrieve Family heirlooms had stunned Laev.

Laev said, "Send me a contract for a monthly retainer, for an initial period of three months."

Surprise flashed in Primross's eyes then he jerked a nod. "The courier with your bracelets is on the way. I'll have the contract in your cache box within the septhour." Primross named an amount that seemed lower than it should have been. Laev narrowed his eyes to study the impassive man. Was the investigator hiding something himself?

Before he could come to a conclusion, the scry creen went dark.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heart Search "Dear Reader" Letter

Here is Heart Search's "Dear Reader" letter for Berkley's email newsletter:

Welcome to Celta – a world of magic, romance, and telepathic animal companions with attitude.

Time has passed...Heart Search takes place some years after the previous book, Heart Journey – with the first story of the younger set.

In Heart Search we meet two very business-minded people – Camellia Darjeeling who is excited about opening her second teahouse, and Laev Hawthorn, a savvy entrepreneur. Both of whom concentrate on business instead of their personal lives because of past suffering.

Laev married a woman who betrayed him, and, he recently discovered, stole family heirlooms. Camellia's drive came from her need to escape an abusive childhood – and just as she is celebrating her success, her father and uncle turn up for a bit of extortion.

And there are the cats – a pair with an agenda and a gift for manipulation.

Laev and Camellia don't trust love, and when they do figure out that they're falling for each other, they decide to keep it light. But fate can't be denied.

As for Celta itself in the story, there's a recent epidemic, a touch of reincarnation, and goddess's curse. Old friends show up, like the Hollys, Cratag Maytree Marigold and Vinni T'Vine. So do old settings, like The Green Knight Fencing and Fighting Salon.

But there are new friends – Glyssa Licorice and Tiana Mugwort, Camellia's best friends. The private investigator Garrett Primross. And Jasmine Ash, Dani Eve Elder and Cal Marigold – another new generation.

I hope you will journey to Celta and enjoy your time there.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again,

Monday, August 15, 2011

Arches -- Different Worlds

Arches -- Different Worlds: Below is the image I spent hours on this morning to be MY image-- but you know, it doesn't SHOUT "fantasy". I would love to do arches to different worlds, and I may get there yet, and I love this pic in all the variations I did (courtesy of Pam Brophy), but it won't be "representing" my work anytime soon. Sigh. :)


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Any ideas on how to brand me? LOL, I need to be able to update my site myself, so I am working on a redesign. I've looked at (probably) a hundred websites and my inner graphics are out of date.

Most folk have branding, too "Sizzling evocative romantic suspense" or some such (I made that up, I hope).

I am really hoping to go with a "path" type theme, garden paths going in different directions -- I've been doing rough mock ups of what I want (which might or might not be possible). So, if someone comes up with a brand for me (Journey into Fantasy with Robin D. Owens ??? or my standard blessing "follow your heart and magic will come" or "may a little magic always grace your life") that I actually use, I will send them arcs for the next 2 years.

As for formatting, I'm thinking 2 column wordpress, somehow linked to this blog, and with the reads, worlds and bookshelf pages.

Love to all,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Reads on Website

New Excerpts on Website: One from Enchanted Again (cover coming soon!) and one from Hearts & Swords, Noble Heart, Walker Clover's story!

**Nervous** I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mom on Heart Search

My Mom on Heart Search: "It was a good book. Why do you make all your brothers wimps?" Me, scrambling. "Duh." I have two brothers, one is a beta guy but excellent with figures and money (like Mom's father), the other is an ex-marine. So, like, maybe I LIKE making my brothers wimps. After all, I got dolls for holiday gifts and they got weapons.

:) May you enjoy your family today.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Question for You

A newish idea has struck, so I'm asking those of you who read the Heart Series who you think the sneakiest person/Family (NOT FAM!!) is?

Many thanks, and yes, I may mention you in a dedication if the book gets done and bought...

WOOPS -- This can't be the Yews. This is someone sneaking into the Yews....and that may be a spoiler...


Thursday, August 04, 2011

Celta Timeline


Celta Timeline as Requested. Note: the time skipping at the beginning of the series was to age Tinne Holly so I could write his story.

Celta Timeline:

Heart And Sword (in Hearts And Swords story collection): On Board Nuada's Sword Generational Colonist Starship from Earth, Currently in Outer Space, the Month of May/Oak

HeartMate: Druida City, Celta, 400 years after Colonization, Summer, July, Discovery Day

Heart Thief: Druida City, Celta, 400 Years after Colonization, Autumn

Heart Duel: Druida City, Celta, 403 years after Colonization, Summer, Month of Holly

Heart Choice: Druida City, Celta, 404 Years After Colonization, Spring

Heart Quest: Druida City, Celta, 405 Years After Colonization, Late Autumn

Heart Dance: Druida City, Celta, 405 Years After Colonization, Early Winter (two months after Heart Quest, i.e. January/)

Heart Fate: Druida City, Celta, 406 Years After Colonization, Mid Winter (one year after the end of Heart Dance) SAMHAIN = NEW YEAR, SO JUST A MONTH AND A HALF AFTER THE NEW YEAR

Heart Story (in Hearts And Swords story collection): Druida City, Celta 406 Years After Earth Colonization, Spring

Heart & Soul, (in Hearts And Swords story collection) Gael City, Celta 406 Years After Colonization, Autumn (Elder/October) the last days of 406

Heart Change: Druida City, Celta, 407 Years After Colonization, Spring (March)

Heart Journey: Druida City, Steep Springs and Gael City, Celta, 407 Years After Colonization, Late Summer

Noble Heart, (in Hearts And Swords story collection) Druida City, Celta, 411 Years After Colonization, Winter


Heart Search (Laev): Druida City, Celta, 421 Years After Colonization, Late Spring
Nuin Ash is 17

Hope this helps, and may your day pass smoothly,

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Live Chat tonight 9pm Eastern

Ask about writing and publishing...Live Chat tonight at Romance reviews today. 9 pm Eastern time. Oh, and I'll be talking about Heart Search.


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Excerpts you want to see?

Excerpts you want to see? I am doing one last update of my website before I renew, rebuild or otherwise change it so that I can update it myself.

I will be adding excerpts of Enchanted Again and another for Hearts And Swords. Which of the other three stories would you like to see: Discovery of Celta, Genista Holly Furze's new life and new love, or the Clovers Get A Noble Title?


Download Heart Search!

Download Heart Search! It is officially out, and I'm panting (in this heat) to know how you liked how I started (and treated) the next generation. Got my author copies yesterday and wish the title popped more, but so it goes.

May you be happy with life (even if hot), today.

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