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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bubonicon, Five books done in 1.5 years! And Celta Thursday

First, I will be at Bubonicon this weekend! A couple of panels and a writing seminar and 55 minutes with Robin... so I'll answer anything about writing and publishing that you want. I'll be taking ARCs of Ghost Layer.

Second, as of yesterday...it's in. After a year and a half with 5 books over 85K words due, I've turned the last one in...late, but DONE. (Ghost Killer)

And Celta Thursday: Last Section of Heart Fire Cast of Characters:

Others, in order of appearance:

GreatLord Muin (Vinni) T'Vine: friend of Antenn, the prophet of Celta

GraceLord Hymale Equisetum: enemy of the Mugworts, founder of the Traditionalist Stance movement

Mica: FamCat to GreatLady Camellia D'Hawthorn

Brazos: FamCat to GreatLord Laev T'Hawthorn

Rusby: FamCat to Garrett Primross

GreatLord Rand T'Ash: jeweler/smith (hero of HeartMate), Fam Zanth

GreatLady Danith Mallow D'Ash: animal Healer (heroine of HeartMate)

Arvense Equisetum: farmer, cuz to GraceLord Equisetum

GraceLord Majus T'Daisy: newssheet owner and editor

GrandLord Walker T'Clover: statesman (hero of the novella Noble Heart in the collection Hearts and Swords)

GentleLady Avellana Hazel: daughter of a FirstFamily House, artist, fiancé to Vinni T'Vine.

GreatSir Tinne Holly, owner of The Green Knight Fencing and Fighting Salon (hero of Heart Fate).

GreatSir Nuin Ash: eldest son of T'Ash and D'Ash, fire mage

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Celta Thursday: upcoming Heart Fire Character List

Celta Thursday, Heart Fire Character List continued (coming Nov).
Tiana Mugwort's Best Friends:

Felonerb: her FamCat animal companion

Camellia Darjeeling D'Hawthorn: GreatLady D'Hawthorn, businesswoman/cook, owner of teashops (heroine of Heart Search), FamCat Mica

Glyssa Licorice Bayrum: FirstLevel Librarian (heroine of Heart Fortune), FamFox **

Tiana Mugwort's Family:

Artemisia Mugwort Primross: sister, Healer (heroine of Heart Secret), FamRacoon Randa

Quina Mugwort: mother, devotee of the Intersection of Hope religion, Healer

Sinjin Mugwort: father, former judge, writer of legal articles

Garrett Primross, brother-in-law, private investigator, FamCat Rusby.

The Temple People:

High Priestess GrandLady Ulmaria Meadowsweet** D'Sandalwood of GreatCircle Temple

High Priest GrandLord Alb T'Sandalwood of GreatCircle Temple

Lucida Gerania of GreatCircle Temple, FirstLevel priestess and rival of Tiana Mugwort

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ghost Killer Done!

Whew! 5 books (none under 80K words), in 1.5 years! Whew. Perhaps, someday I will get that awesome RUSH of feeling that I've finished again. I miss it. I'm tired but done.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Celta Thursday, the Turqouise House Floorplan

Celta Thursday, and keeping head down. I'll be focused on work today and tomorrow, but here's Celta Thursday, the sketch I made of the Turquoise House's floorplan that I used for Heart Fire.

And I don't know why it turned around. So it goes. Later, folks!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Celta Thursday, Upcoming Heart Fire cut

Celta Thursday -- UPCOMING HEART FIRE CUT, I'm all about easy until done with Ghost Killer. Hero is Antenn Moss (architect, adopted son of the Blackthorns)...heroine is Tiana Mugwork, priestess. Lord Equisetum is the antagonist in this novel:

He took a waterfall, dried off, and sank into the comfort of his bedsponge, pulling linens over himself. Pinky settled on the far edge of the bed on his pillow, as plump as the cat himself, and dropped into snuffling sleep.

As Antenn's mind whirled with images of the day – and he sure preferred Tiana Mugwort over GraceLord Equisetum – he let himself fall into the near-sleeping. And reached for his unknown HeartMate.

To no avail. Though their link was small, it was strong, and seemed to be thickening by the minute. Yet he didn't find her in sleep...to maybe have some invigorating dream sex. Maybe he should try...but black exhaustion drowned him.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

All Heart Books Up on Audible! And Celta Thursday

Here's the series: http://www.audible.com/search/ref=a_hp_tseft?advsearchKeywords=Robin+D.+Owens&filterby=field-keywords&x=0&y=0 This is narrated by Noah Michael Levine, recommended by a good friend. Ghost Seer is narrated by a woman, for contrast. :)

And because it's easy, and the copy edits for Heart Fire lit yesterday, here's the first section of the Cast of Characters for Heart Fire that is open on my machine and I'm working on:

Cast of Characters

Antenn Blackthorn-Moss's Family:

Pinky: Antenn's cat who became a FamCat animal companion

Shade Moss: older brother, murderer, one of a slum triad gang (3 boys linked mentally), deceased

Mitchella Clover D'Blackthorn: adopted mother, interior designer, FirstFamily GrandLady (heroine of Heart Choice)

Straif T'Blackthorn: adopted father, FirstFamily GrandLord, tracker (hero of Heart Choice)

Trif Clover Winterberry: adopted cousin, composer/musician (heroine of Heart Quest)

Ilex Winterberry: cousin by marriage, Chief of all the Druida City guards (police), (hero of Heart Quest)

Draeg Betony Blackthorn: adopted cuz, warrior (upcoming hero of Heart Legacy)

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