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Monday, April 14, 2008

Characters Who Steal Scenes

I've done my old wordcount for the day, and am pretty pleased at how quickly it went. Of course Alexa, the first heroine of Guardian of Honor, stole a scene and it's usually easy to write Alexa, she is so over the top. But I'm keeping this book in four view points, two women and two men and Alexa isn't one of them.

In the Luna books, Alexa usually gets to steal one scene and that's all. Always remember WHO your protagonist(s) is/are and control your secondary characters. If your secondary characters get away from you, cut the scene and, like, put it up on your website

There is an author who would introduce her protagonists, then her secondary characters and the secondary characters would take over the story. It was irritating because you wanted to know about THEM and the plot was about the protagonists. I started feeling sorry for her main characters.

As for my Fams, animal companions, if they are THE companion of the book, I give them a little slack, because I can use them as comic relief, mentors or tricksters....and I do know that Zanth stole most of HeartMate. ;)

That's my writing info for the day. Don't know if I'll have the time to log on before I leave at 3:20 am tomorrow morning, and probably very little time for the rest of the day.

May all the characters in your life treat you well.


Anonymous Reena said...

I think it would be really nice if you posted more excerpts from KotF on your website. I just finished the book and I really missed the way you had TIME to give more insight to the characters in your previous three novels.
Excerpts would be glorious.

10:36 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Reena, I will look at my cuts. Most of them were paragraphs here and there, not full scenes. But I will definitely check. I DO keep a file for each book called "Website Cuts."

Also, since I wrote the book so quickly, I don't know that I actually had the time to think about and develop the characters as well as the previous heroines, so there might not be as much depth as usual.

Thanks again for a very interesting comment.

11:01 PM  

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