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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Physical Object Inspiration

Some buildings that I know I've seen and couldn't quite find have haunted me for a few years.

One was what I thought was a Masonic Temple that a friend of mine took me through when it was deserted. I used that in Sorceress of Faith, where Marian attends a fundraiser after her Snap back to Earth. Today I went to a birthday tea and used the garmin, on the way back I found the building. It wasn't a Masonic Temple, it was the Dora Moore School. Wonderful photos here.

I'm still not quite sure whether that was the building or not, but it was something like this (as if there really is something like this)...

The second is the famous (to my readers) Turquoise House. I think the basis of that house was an old one that my aunt and uncle designed, built and lived in and it has since been demolished, so no luck at finding an image there. Someday I might see something that looks a little like it.

I have done only promo stuff today (and birthday party). Some very time-intensive graphics, labels, handwork, etc.

I think I'm whiny because I'm running short of sleep, haven't slept well for a while, so eventually the whine should go away. Thanks for being patient.

May you enjoy your day.


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