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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'd rather smell like orange juice...

Rainy in Pittsburgh this am, and cold on the plane. I think I finished packing about 2 am, and went to bed and tossed and turned for a millenium. Anyway was much slower and clumsier than usual and the puddle-jumper plane was cold, but I still wanted OJ. When I was reaching for my book, despite being careful, I spilled a lot of it.

Just as glad that I didn't ask for tea. I just had the best tea since I left. I didn't keep bottled water in my room and there was a definite taste to the tap, and I have one of those coils that take so long to heat water you've moved onto something else or are ready to go.

Conferences and Hotels ALWAYS put water in a pot that has contained coffee. For ONLY tea drinkers, this tastes like coffee. The Hilton followed this tradition for their Lipton. All I saw of black tea was Lipton at all the restaurants I went to and ordered tea. Celestial Seasonings needs to market there.

Sunny and 70s in Denver. My Mom came and got me alone. She looks more frail than I remember but is very competent, except she can't always hear what I say, even when I project and speak loud.

I reassured the cats, Mistral is looking good, took them outside, introduced Tommy to my neighbor Charlie so if Tommy ever gets out...Tommy bulleted from my arms and ran inside at the sound of Charlie's voice which leads to several sad conclusions. Mistral rolled in the dirt which she has generously spread across my monitor.

I'm running a bath...took care of a little business. Gonna bathe, nap, and maybe treat myself to a City of Heroes session. DO want to get the cleaned up Chapter 1s of Heart Change and Heart Journey. I think it was on Bitty, or Moon. The former flash drive got lost (very small about 1 1/4 inch) and the latter was dying and I took it anyway and, like, cappppuuuuuttttt. Neither the desktop nor the laptop recognizes it and I've been around and around that one before, so I don't think I can get anything from it.

A little upset but not much, I used both for backup so I don't think I lost anything.

That's the day. Will probably talk about RT more later, when I think about it more. DO plan on going to FL next year.

May the sun shine on you today.

Tomorrow I plan to hit the ground running.


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