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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RT -- Pitching Books

It is after midnight which means it's officially Thursday and I can do my blog. I am, once again, outside The Pub. I am also slightly sloshed. (ok, I've had spell check tell me that my fingers have stumbled 4 times already). I don't think I've ever blogged in this condition, but there's always a first time.

I did go to the Ellora's Cave party and talked to my friends and to an editor whom I once roomed with and is now quite high in the hierarchy (Advice Bit #1, strangers can become excellent networking friends. She will always remember me due to a bonding experience which I cannot relate in public or in mixed company). Even though I was late, she gave me the 2008 Ellora's Cave calendar of hunks, which I will probably give my next door neighbors, whose gay calendars I have often admired through my window.

I'm a rum girl, so I've had 2 rum and cokes, heavy on the rum. A fan bought me the first one (no doubt thinking I'd spill secrets....not quite). My friend, Linnea Sinclair bought the second.

My roomie is upstairs working on her pitch for Chris Keeslar of Leisure Boosk/Dorchester.

Right now I should say something witty and charming and revealing about pitches. I guess the best advice I would give you is to say WHY YOUR BOOK IS **DIFFERENT** than anything that editor has ever seen. I had dinner with an aspiring author and she had some Very different ideas. Things I'd never have thought of in a zillion years. that's definitely a plus.

Anyway, since Chris and Dorchester rejected HeartMate TWICE, I don't feel I can add much insight to her pitches...except not to mention my name.

Everyone I was at the bar with (the other bar, in the lobby) has gone. Mary Janice Davidson (whom I know a little and for some time), dropped by. She, of course, remembered Linnea. **sigh**

I think I might go to the bar and get one last rum and coke and fall into blissful and immediate sleep.

A good thing, I got 2 new beta readers who know the Heart series so I think I'll send them the proposal chapters. They haven't read the Summoning series so they will definitely be fresh eyes, and they don't always agree. So I believe that is a good thing for the day.

May you have no surprises today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forwarded your posts to a good friend of mine who is about to have her first publication with Elora's Cave (May'08, I believe). She's SOOO upset that she couldn't be there this year, but she and I will go next year. I'll be tagging along as her humble minion. ;)

And, lesson learned - we're booking early (and confirming)!!!

Relax and have fun!


10:44 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Yes, you usually book through the conference, and can confirm through the hotel, but they DID give away rooms. It was a pitiful place.


2:56 PM  

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