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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordcounts, Story, Cover Art

Got my morning wordcount done, but I don't know how long it took me because I usually check the file properties, but I started this file last night with a few sentences. Getting up and down to feed cats, give milk to cats, give pill to Mistral, make tea, always takes time... Anyway, it's done, but I have to make up for yesterday.

Even though I worked several hours, I only got a little over 600 words done because I was sewing chapters together, getting back in the story, editing. In my chron files I'm on chapter 15.

A couple of things about writing (advice/info portion of the blog). First, yesterday I got confused about my characters. **blush** I realized I hadn't put in my animal companion in the scene and went back to do so. This is a scene with Raine. Raine's animal companion is a young (think kitten/puppy) magical being/shapeshifter called Enerin. So I think of a scene and am very pleased and am writing it and about to add the closing line when I realize that the animal companion is a red cockatoo called Chasonette! Chasonette is Jikata's companion. Urgh! I am going by the rationalization that Enerin can change shapes...still, sorta embarrassing. I saved the scene to a file, warts and all (CHASONETTE IS JIKATA'S COMPANION), called oops. It's very small, just a snippet, to tell the reader why Chasonette isn't actually IN the next scene. About 170 words only. But I might put it up on my website anyway. I called the file Oops.

At RT I heard some people say that they put together a "bible" of all their rules, etc. I need to do this. I have notes, but I've been caught flat a couple of times. Mostly I don't want to read the books after I'm finished. This is particularly true of the Heart books which have the most rules... Actually, the book I read most often myself as a comfort read is Protector of the Flight, and the section I read is when they are back on Earth, not sure why.

I got the cover art for Echoes in the Dark (that's the title, NOT my choice, I still have it listed in my files as Singer For A World and so it will remain until I naturally stop thinking of it that way). I am worried that the cover seems to be YA. SORRY I CAN'T PUT IT UP, BUT I DON'T HAVE PERMISSION. The volcano island has become a volcano land mass. The great ship (think galleon/pirate ship) has become the prow of a small fishing/row boat...

Don't think I'll say anymore as I'm still mulling it over in my mind.

Well, I didn't nap yesterday, but did get a relentless deep tissue massage and am still recovering from the trip, so I'm going to break.

Take care and may you enjoy sunshine and life today.


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