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Friday, April 18, 2008

RT -- Specialized Languages

I think I've talked about this before, but each profession or area of your life has a specialized language. This is definitely true about the new shortcuts when texting and/or email, or online activities.

First person present
sell through
promo alley

I think RT might have one all it's own, too.
Cover model
Club RT

And since my brain is slow today, that's about all I'll list here, except to say COH has an entire language too (City of Heroes), SO (single only enhancement, something that will change only one particular kind of character -- magic, mutant, science, technology, natural, and I think I'm forgetting one)...GM, AV, Great Monster, Arch Villain. You can tell I've spent more time on COH than at RT.

Anyway, I strongly suggest you do your research to get language right, and Navy Seal Talk is not the same as Army Ranger talk, and why would you expect it to be?

Don't depend on other books, or on TV and movies. TV and movies will often ditch something that is true for something that is dramatic. Georgette Heyer, she who began the genre of Regency romance or Regency Historical romance, got tired of newer authors depending completely on her work for research purposes and not doing the work she, herself, had done, and sometimes put inaccuracies in her books.

I was reminded of this at last night's Speakeasy. The Feehans had a list of 20's slang and I was pretty amazed at how many I knew. "Tomato/Jane" for female, like "hot tomato," "don't take any wooden nickles," "bum's rush." I actually recall hearing some of these terms and maybe they lingered in the central US more than other places.

Anyway, try to get your terms right.

May you have a very clear (in every way), day.


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