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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30th in Ghost Seer.

I am behind on my Ghost Seer (books) calendar. Today, August 30th, is the next to last day of Ghost Seer. So here's an excerpt, and a pic of Virginia Dale where Clare has gone to dig up a bottle:

She turned a corner and could see the station. Shock!

There was a house, a ranch, buildings, whatever just below the station, on the other side of a barbed-wire fence.

Heart thumping, she crept along the road, hoping no one saw her, would come greet her . . . anything. Why in tarnation had she worn a floral shirt? She should have stuck to natural beige or brown, should have bought a beige or brown shirt. At least she had a straw cowboy hat.

At another open barrier, she read the sign. Of course it said not to disturb or take anything, gave the penalty. It specifically mentioned no digging. She swallowed.

And right there, in the middle of the open space by the large wooden sign, stood the ghost of Jack Slade. Yes, if anyone found her digging she could get in deep trouble. She’d say she was looking for the GPS cache? Putting one down? Maybe that would be all right.

But her mouth had dried.

*There’s Jack!* Enzo yipped with the enthusiasm of a ghost dog, not Other spirit.

“I see him.” His standing by the sign that lied about him just seemed too sad. Yet such things would be part of her life.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Heart Journey cut to become Script of the Heart

Here's the original cut from Heart Journey that I intended to use as the basis of Script of the Heart, Johns' and the Healer's story (coming later this year, I hope). The story and this scene has changed significantly. :)

"Want to quiet that glider alarm down?" rumbled Cratag Marigold as he strode over, hand on his blazer hilt as he scanned the trees.

"Alarm stop, Cherry," Raz said, then looked to Cratag. "The thieves got away."

There was a quiet woman's sob – not from his glider. "Oh, my poor baby, I didn't shield you and look what happened, your jeweled timer, stolen!"

"This is a bad thing." T'Spindle, their hose, a short, rotund man, said. People cleared the way for him. "Healer needed here!" he shouted, making both Raz and Johns wince.

"Getting my bag!" answered a voice from the direction of the Residence. Obviously the Spindles had a Healer on staff.

"This is a very bad thing," GrandLord Spindle repeated, eyes hard, reminding Raz that the man was of the FirstFamilies and used to playing dangerous politics. Raz's anger eased at the thought that the thieves would truly regret this night. Spindle was easygoing, but he was stubborn and no doubt would make sure the guards on this case were equally stubborn about solving it. Of course Spindle would look at his enemies first.

A large hand curved under Raz's elbow. "Let me help you up," Cratag said quietly, lifted Raz to his feet with ease. The warrior narrowed his eyes. "Looks to me like you need more than stage fighting instruction."

That stung as much as Raz's wounds. He opened his mouth to say something and his lip split. He swore under his breath. "Maybe you're right." He nodded to Cratag as the man stepped away. "I'll think about it."

A lovely young woman rushed close, a Healer's bag in her hand. Johns groaned. She went to him, her hands swept over his chest. She frowned. "I don't sense anything wrong with your lungs."
Johns sat up, smiled crookedly at her. "Just bruises." He tilted his head toward Raz. "You should see to Raz. The three of them got the worse of him."

"Three!" she exclaimed. Her hands continued to stroke Johns, easing his bruises, as he rose to his feet.

"Thanks, Johns," Raz muttered, wincing as his mouth stung again.

"Anything I can do." Johns bowed as the Healer looked on admiringly. Then he glanced at Raz's glider, Cherry, grimaced and shook his head. "That was a real pretty glider, Raz."

The Healer had finally reached Raz. "Broken cheekbone, bad bruise on the temple..." she pressed on his ribs and he yelped. "I think you should come inside where I can treat you." Her voice held the faintest hint of glee, as if her job with the Spindles was pretty boring.

"I'll help him along." Johns was there, crowding a raised-eyebrow Cratag aside and wrapping his equally brawny arm around Raz's shoulders. They hurt, too. Everything hurt.

"That's so kind of you." The Healer smiled approval.

"Let's get you going, friend." Johns tightened his grip.

Raz hissed out a breath, but followed along, fairly steady on his feet, though he felt a little light-headed. He limped. He might have broken some toes. His hands weren't feeling good, either.

Johns actually shortened his stride and slowed his steps. "Thanks, Johns," Raz said. This time he meant it.

"'Welcome. Sorry about you and your glider."

Raz knew that was true. Johns had been open in his envy at Cherry.

"Tell you what," Raz said as they took the steps slowly. "Why don't I ask my father to get another sportcoupe at cost, sell it to you for the same price."

Johns eyes gleamed. "In blue?"

"The same color as your eyes," Raz agreed as they angled through a door to a sitting room that was furnished in a masculine fashion where blood and grime wouldn't show – much.

"Done," Johns said.

But Raz had a nasty feeling that things had just begun....

The Healer bustled in, ordering others to provide hot water, softleaves...She was small and voluptuous with bright red hair and a smattering of freckles. Johns watched her every move. Raz closed his eyes and wished Del was there.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Celta Thursday -- Snippet of a scene never written in Heart Search

Celta snippet from Heart Search of a scene never written...meeting between Laev T'Hawthorn (hero) and T'Ash at T'Ash's:

Two septhours later, Jasmine issued him into T'Ash's office, the first time Laev had been in the room since he'd become T'Hawthorn. He still remembered the first time he'd been there ...as a child whose Flair would be Tested to determine the type of magic he had and the strength of it.

T'Ash looked the same, a very formidable man. But when he gazed at his daughter it was with love and wonder, as if he still blessed the Lady and Lord for bringing her into his life.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back to the Captain's Log from Heart Thief

As I said before, this was a failed experiment, a secondary story at the beginning of each chapter of Heart Thief. I have at least 3 versions up through Chapter 7, after that I gave up. I used the basis of these logs as the story Heart And Sword.


I am confident and in command outside my quarters, slowly regaining the trust of many. I've instituted probe-building to saturate our pathway. The new program has attracted the intelligent and competitive young, channeling their energies.

Those people who were Awakened and lived their full lives aboard the ships have bred for psi-powers. I see a significant increase in this talent, now called "Flair." Other technical genius has prospered. The engines have been overhauled, also satisfying young scientists who have an outlet for their skill.

I am guardedly hopeful and constantly reassure the rational ones in the crew. Only here can I say how the irrational ones scare me. A new home for us all must be found, and soon. I lead a double life. I need Miriam.

Those are first steps, and if I plan correctly, I can regenerate the ideals I believe in, in the crew. I pray we find a new planet soon.

I snuck away to see Miriam. Her cube was cold to the touch, and I ached to see her smile. The cryogenic room is huge and awesome and terrible. Something was wrong with the controlled atmosphere, when I left, my face was wet.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Belated Celta Thursday -- The Vote from Heart Thief

The Vote from Heart Thief (not included in the book)

Current HouseHolders

T'Birch - Death (Birches in Heart Thief, not HeartMated)

T'Rowan - Death (T'Rowan dies in Heart Thief, D'Rowan, HeartMate is burned, follows within a few weeks).

D'Alder - Banishment (not HeartBonded)
D'Willow - Death
She is a widow, so she must not have had a HeartMate. This may be another reason she resents her Daughter'sSon so much.

T'Ash - Banishment
Recently HeartBonded with Danith D'Mallow

T'Hawthorn - Death
Widower, he had a wife, not a HeartMate

T'Oak - Banishment (T'Oak in Heart Thief) HeartBonded
T'Holly - Banishment (T'Holly in HeartMate; T'&D'Holly in Heart Thief, Heart Duel and Heart Trail)
HeartBonded with Passiflora, a GrandHouse Apple

D'Hazel - Banishment (HeartBonded)
T'Apple - Banishment
D'Vine - Freedom
D'Vine dies in Heart Thief, her heir T'Vine, Vinni is in Heart Duel. D'Vine is an old widow, she wasn't HeartBonded. She knows that her Heir, Vinni, can lose his HeartMate before they bond and warns him.

D'Ceylon, second daughter of GreatHouse Vine is head of her own Household and has a 96% accuracy for reading tea leaves.

T'Ivy - Banishment (T'Ivy and D'Ivy are in HeartMate)
Had a wife, now has a HeartMate of the Aloe Family

T'Reed - Death (T'Reed is in Heart Thief)
NOT HeartBonded

T'Blackthorn - Absent (T'Blackthorn is in Heart Thief, his story is Heart Trail)
HeartBonded to Mitchella Clover

T'Elder - Death (T'Elder dies in Heart Thief, who succeeds?)
Not HeartBonded, wife from T'Reed Family

D'SilverFir - Absent (D'SilverFir's story is Heart Thief, she abdicates to her heir Caltha in Heart Thief, she's in Heart Duel)

D'SilverFir is HeartBonded to Ruis Elder. Her mother was not HeartBonded, her MotherSire was. Does this play a part in her story?

T'Furze - Banishment (Not HeartMated, One Dies in Heart Thief)

T'Heather - Banishment (Lark's MotherSire in Heart Duel)

WhitePoplar - Death
T'Yew - Death (Not HeartMated, One dies in Heart Thief TINNE'S HEARTMATE MARRIES YEW)

D'Grove - Banishment (D'Grove is in Heart Thief)

T'Spindle - Banishment
HeartBonded to another Spindle

Honeysuckle - Banishment
Beech - Banishment

T'Sea - Banishment (T'Sea is in Heart Duel)

TOTALS: 14 Banishment
8 Death
1 Freedom
2 Absent

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