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Monday, April 21, 2008

Writing at Conferences


First, the cats got me up this am. I went to bed at about 8pm figuring it was 10 Eastern time, then Tommy thought I should get up at midnight and I grunted at him. He and Mistral were more insistent at 6 so up I got and attended to them and breakfast and I've finished my morning wordcount.

I wrote NOTHING at conference. There were niggling problems with the hotel that kept needing updated/handled (I slept on a hide-a-bed) and that distracted me, and I was tired, and I wanted to talk to friends...you choose the rationalization...oh, and the net was unavailable for three days and my flash drives or laptop didn't REALLY hold what I wanted...so you see, the excuses are endless.

I HAVE been able to write at conferences occasionally and a few pages, but it's not something I really do often. I usually room with someone.

Anyway, I think it really is because, deadline or not, I feel like I should be spending time on promotion, meeting people.

So, decide ahead of time whether you want to write, if you do, I recommend a single room and scheduling your time beforehand.

That's my advice for the day, even though my bedroom is flooded with sunshine, I think I'll go back...I think that the change in weather/time zones etc., may have given me a cold. Or maybe it's the blossoms. My tree outside my window is always late because it is between houses in the shade and doesn't even have buds on it yet.

May you read or write as much as you want today.


Blogger Suzane in VT said...

See, your 'children' missed you very much and wanted you to know it.

Also, I'm beginning to wonder if your electronics (and their associated toys) might be in need of some serious exorcising. ;)

*scratches head* Gee, we've never tried an elemental cleaning on that scale before. Wonder if it would work?

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looked like half of the Hilton was under construction, remodeling, upheaval, or something. I would have been suprised if any writing had happened. I am sure the gremilins of all thing electric were having a field day.


10:22 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Suzane, It may be that I'm just hard on my electronics and they sneak away from me however they can do so...

Tine, yes, the hotel was a little rough. I didn't hear a lot of pounding, but they certainly weren't prepared for us. I think it's the worst "promise but don't follow through" I've ever experienced with a hotel.

It really was wonderful seeing you and signing your books!

9:16 AM  

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