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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Story Threads...

I recently read Patricia Briggs' new novel, Fair Game, and saw a couple of things and figured, "this is a story thread, I wonder what she'll do with it in the future?"

And, yesterday, a writing buddy commented that she couldn't cut the seemingly excess object because it was a set up for a future book.

So, yes, I do set up books in the future, and sometimes I add bits that may be a little extraneous at the time. That doesn't mean that every detail I add is a set up, or that I remember them all, or that when I get to the books, the set up entirely works and I have to finesse around it -- since I'm a pantzer, writing by the seat of my pants.

I think the last big set up scene (which also worked withing Heart Search), was the Salvage Ball, as I'm sure most of you noted. And yes, there was a pretty big thread in the novella Noble Heart...and in upcoming Heart Secret, I have a stray Fam who will be a major Fam in another book.

So, naturally, when I see stuff in others' works, I wonder about it, and it makes me smile.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again,

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Pat's Enchanted Again Excerpt

St. Pat's Enchanted Again Excerpt: St. Pat's evening Tiro the brownie had disappeared after a lofty remark about celebrating the holiday with Irish brownies. Why magical folk, some of them no doubt older than St. Patrick himself, would celebrate a Christian saint's day was a mystery to Amber. But maybe brownies just liked to party. She'd noted that the chocolate milk she'd bought earlier in the week had also disappeared from the refrigerator and thought that if that was Tiro's contribution, he would be a hit.


Friday, March 09, 2012

Merfolk Name: Working on Enchanted Ever After

Merfolk Name, working on Enchanted Ever After

Get your own mermaid names from The Mermaid Name Generator!My mermaid name is Glimmer Deep Dancer
(subluceo profundus)
With silvery scales over much of the body, the subluceo reflects light, glimmering and glinting as it reflects the sun below the waves.
A dweller of the deep, the profundus often travels to sea vents many miles below the surface to lay its eggs in the hot, dark streams of water.
Note: Romantic and graceful, this subspecies is truly a ballerina of the oceans.
Get your own mermaid names from The Mermaid Name Generator!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Enchanted Again Timeline

The timeline for Enchanted Again is running NOW! Actually, it "started" last Friday...

So I'll be posting some small excerpts from the book As We Join The Story:

March, Denver, Colorado

If she'd aged naturally, Amber Sarga would have been twenty-six. But her gift for curse breaking cost her – days, weeks, months...years........She turned. And saw a small brown being in her garden. Her mouth fell open. He was plucking a bloom from the heavy mass of her violets and dropping the flower into a jar.

He was nothing human. Small, under three feet, thin, triangular face and large triangular ears, he was definitely magic.


former wife, infant son, and her attorneys vanished as soon as they’d left the courtroom. No sign of them, hide nor hair.

Rafe dreaded the words Conrad would say pretty damn soon.

"It’s the curse," Conrad said.

Those words. Everything in Rafe stilled. Or maybe his muscles froze and his blood pumped hot. One of the strange things that had brought them together in college, the fact that they'd both come from "cursed" families. Weird in the modern world.

I'll be doing this all month, as we progress through the story.


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