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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Something easy for heading back to work -- and the sun is up and shining, unlike the last two days, humph! -- Fonts.

Like many writers, since I stick with Courier New for my pages, I play with other fonts for my header. Header = name, left corner, title right corner, then page number top right corner. For the Celta books, I use American Uncial, always have since I first submitted. For my Summoning books I use Bridgenorth. These are great for reminding me of the "mood" of the book, but there can be drawbacks -- first, if you email to others who don't have the fonts on the machine, they turn out funny-looking as their machine will substitute something else, like Arial. Next, they can take up space on your document and my late never-mourned Brother printer had small buffer memory so it had problems handling them. They take up space on your machine, too.

Advice. If you aren't published yet, don't use fancy fonts, ESPECIALLY in the body of the ms.

Time to get ready for the day job -- no, I didn't get all the things done I wanted, and I didn't work at my writing at all yesterday. I think I'm letting my subconscious work -- which is true, but a rationalization none the less.

Oh, BTW, I am one of the guest authors at 7 pm. Eastern Time at a chat at Coffee Time Romance tonight! http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/x7chatdirectory/index.php

Monday, May 30, 2005

Making Up Words

Of course I do. I write two fantasy series and that's part of worldbuilding. Most of my readers like the different words, it's part of the culture, the flavor of the book. Since I critique with romance readers, if I'm doing "too many" for someone, I hear about it.

Sometimes words just come. Frinks. That's more like a sound of the little metallic worms when they hit stone, so it became the name for those worms. Try and keep it easy so it won't cause a reader to stumble (which I have done in my time), like renders and slayers and snippers are other horrors that invade Lladrana, and if you don't know exactly what they look like when I use them, you get a general idea.

Celta -- well, it's a distant colony of Earth so I can modify earth words. Chiff -- Her dress was floaty chiff -- (chiffon). But the Celtans have had 400 years since colonization, and their "magic/psi powers" (Flair) have changed the culture and demanded new words, usually based on my handy Welsh dictionary. Hey, my name is Owens, sue me. "He's terribly gwr, Danith. Really virile," says Trif Clover in HeartMate. The context should give you an idea that gwr is sexy-manly-yum (and yes, since I only used it once I had to look it up).

Sometimes words don't work. I used whiskey and was told to do make up a word for it. Well, whiskey is essentially a Gaelic word to begin with. You can fool around with the spelling, like chiff, but I went to my Welsh dictionary and used chwisge. Problem is, my critique buddies didn't know how to pronounce it until I read it aloud. So though I'd become fond of the word, it had to go. Whiskey it is and it will stay.

Flair, the psi-powers-pretty-much-magic, that Celtans have was a VERY tough word for me. I had planned on using Talent, as had Anne McCaffrey in her futuristic books, but then Jayne Ann Krentz, as Jayne Castle, published her "flower" series, Amaryllis being the first. She used Talent. That was out. I really struggled for another word, thought and perused word lists, and finally decided on Flair -- a little extra something that only takes one word...I didn't know that Dara Joy used Fam (as a race not a sentient animal companion-sidekick) until after I was published and that was too late to change.

So keep it as simple as you can so your readers won't trip ANYTHING THAT PULLS THE READER FROM THE BOOK IS BAD. If you want to use something odd, put it in context with other words that the reader can easily figure out.

Well, it's gray and cool today and my feet are cold from wrapping them around the metal chair support, and Diva already has come, tromped around the desk, slipped in front of the monitor when she stepped on a portfolio that was covering air instead of wood and is whining. No cat whines like a Siamese.

I'll say again, that I talk a little about word choice etc. on my radio interview (which has LOTS of excerpts from Guardain of Honor) at
HealthyLife.net in the ARCHIVES, under Dana Taylor, Definitely Dana, on the left. I was first up ;)

And there are excerpts of all my work, including odd words, up at my website http://www.robindowens.com/reads/reads.htm under READS. WORLDS has additional info about the worlds/stories, character interviews etc.

Love to all,

Sunday, May 29, 2005

No, no, no! Not the Office! I'd rather die, first!!

Have you ever walked into your home writing space and not been able to face it? This happens. It happened yesterday to me. Here are tips that work for me (and are included in my Survive to Write, Write to Survive seminar).

Check your environment

Are the flat surfaces of your desk too messy? Too clean?

What about the lighting? Too dim, too bright, too direct? When I turn out my overhead light and my little spotlights on, it clues my subconscious that it's time to write.

What about your set up? Time to move the monitor/computer/keyboard?

Most of all, what about the color of your computer screen? I work at a day job on a computer all day. Then I write at home. I MAKE SURE my screen at my paralegal job is NOT the same color as the one at home. If you work at home, how long has it been since you changed the color of your screen? I discovered this one when I realized I could not face the pale yellow screen one more evening. So now I have different colors saved, when I need a change. Yesterday I couldn't take "creamy pink" anymore. It is now "Light Blue 2."

Do you associate your computer with nasty things, like paying bills, corresponding with evil aunt Ermentrude? Doing your taxes. I don't do my taxes or my finances on my computer. Maybe someday I'll be able to have one hooked up to the net just to do this, or promo, but right now I have a mongo desktop (that gaming machine) and a nice laptop. Since I've never really gotten the hang of wireless connection on my laptop and it has NO GAMES (neither of mine do) the laptop is for writing -- and designing castles, and maps.....writing related stuff.

So take a look at your environment today -- you have a couple of days to change it around.

Love to all,

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Do you SEE or HEAR your Characters?

I think most writers SEE their characters, almost like a movie in their mind's eye, with color, three dimensions and audio. I SEE the cold rain with frinks. I SEE the sangvile coalesce from creeping mist and raise a threathening, red-eyed, horribly pleased stare, then spread itself thin like a cobweb between two buildings to wait for prey. Or I see the tomcat Zanth trotting in like a bulldog after a night of exploration, cheerful it's breakfast time and he gets to bully the cook.

But some writers don't. Some HEAR their characters -- the conversations, the whisk of their clothes as they move, the grunts of a fight, then fill in the rest. So, many times these authors don't listen to music when they write. I do. I've even started soundtracks for my stories to help me get in the mood -- themes for my hero and heroine. Someday I'll put these up on my website (another thing I need to do this weekend, update the site). Other than that, I usually listen to music on my computer now, even my laptop. For general background music, I listen to http://www.mysticradio.com I like "new age" music. I like "world music" and "music from the heart of space." I like really big sweeping movie music when I need to jumpstart/kickstart my writing.

It's early now, and I am listening to birdsong, geese honking as they fly overhead. A jet is going by, occasional tires swish down the street to my left (east). A person rolling a wagon down concrete (gardening) woke me. I live in the city, in a city neighborhood that has a sense of style, so the noises I hear are city noises. Do they work themselves into my story? You bet. USE EVERYTHING.

Love to all,

Friday, May 27, 2005

Juggling Projects/Weekend Writing

I just got up. I've fed the cats and opened up the house -- this affects my writing. Since I'm obsessive, most things affects my writing. If I don't feed the cats, Diva will sit in front of my monitor. Then whine. Then display claws. Then will "tap" one of the writing arms WITH claws...Oh, I don't have a door I can shut to my office. It is cool and cloudy today, and I want the house to remain cool. It's old, so the foot thick outside walls help the first few really hot days of summer. My office is on the 2nd floor and I've opened the window I have a Dell "gaming" machine which is loaded, but also big and hot. The office can get very hot in the summer.

Next to me is non-concentrate orange juice with Vitimin C and Calcium in a mug. My ex-roomie gave me the mug because it has a playful cat chasing butterflies and it hurts a little because the cat looks like one I lost. I'm in a melancholy mood today. The office is dim, with light coming from the bottom square of the double hung window and the monitor, but I am a touch typist with a natural keyboard, so I'm ok.

I've decided to take today off the day job, and Monday is a holiday. I won't get paid for either day since I am a contractor, but today and Monday are on different pay periods so I wil lose only 1 day for each of the 2 weeks, and I can put more hours in next week. I should drop by and see Mom across the city sometime, I have a bbq on Sat. night, some errands to run and should definitely tidy up my dining room tables. Flat surfaces are very dangerous, they accumulate stuff.

ANYWAY, I am now contemplating what to write. I have a promo for Heart Choice I should be working on. I have Advanced Reading Copies for Heart Choice requests and I can't just print them because I haven't added all the Copy Editing corrections to my computer copy. I have the contemporary paranormal that I want to get out the door, because the sale might enable me to quit the Day Job, and I need to clean up chapter 2, write chapter 3 and figure out a reasonable storyline to do the synopsis. I promised the teaser chapter of Knight Protector to Luna by the first and I have to revise the 2nd half. And, finally, I SHOULD keep steady on Heart Quest so I don't fall too far behind in my daily word count. I have some scenes to sew together, then I'll be forging into new territory. Heart Quest was a "trust me, baby," book, bought completely unseen (well, I only had IDEAS when they bought it) so this will be fun to write, I'm hoping.

I am NOT good at juggling projects, yet. And since it seems all my NEW writing will be based on stuff I need to revise, it isn't just sitting down and writing. I am optimistically hopeful that I can do all the above in the long weekend.

Well, guess I'll go down and get breakfast, maybe go back to the bed and stare at the ceiling and think. I'm usually a decisive person, but I'm feeling slow today. I've got my blog done for the day, so that's something.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Good Reviews/Fan Mail = Drugs

The only true validation a writer can count on is INNER VALIDATION that you have written from your heart the best story you are capable of telling at the time. Naturally, we all want fabulous reviews, our inboxes bulging with praise. But if you rely on outside validation when someone hates your book and derides it, you can be crushed. So strengthen your belief in yourself. Good reviews and fan mail are like drugs. If you get two in your inbox Tuesday saying your work is good, you need three Wednesday saying your work is fabulous! So, I repeat. RELY ON INNER VALIDATION THAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN FROM YOUR HEART THE BEST STORY YOU ARE CAPABLE OF TELLING. And each day I hope my skill grows.

All that said, reviews of Heart Choice are trickling in. I simply had no time to send out Advanced Readers Copies like I did for some of my other books, so I’m not getting as many early reviews as previously. But I’ve got one or two, and the following just made my week! It’s not up until June 1.

HEART CHOICE is Robin D. Owens's newest Celta novel set in a land where psychic powers are the norm. Character driven, the story takes readers deep into the souls of Straif and Mitchella, two strong personalities who are both trying to flee their pasts. The dialogue is brilliant, and secondary characters provide strong support to the tale. Terrific writing with incredibly detailed visions of this mystical world, coupled with a very realistic and sensual romance, make HEART CHOICE a fantastic read.

For those who have read the previous novels set in Celta, you will be delighted with the latest one. It's intense, exciting, and magical. Don't miss it.

Jani Brooks
Romance Reviews Today

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I am a Pantzer. I prefer to sit down and start writing and let the story flow. I also write out of sequence, so I might be working on a scene in the middle of the book, near the end, or chronologically next. This can be a wonderful way to write, and a frustrating way to write. For instance, I may have a scene already done that I'm working toward only to find that by the time I get there, it won't work because the characters have changed.

I also "feel" a plot. For me a plot is rhythm with beats -- highs and lows, tension tight, and secondary characters (especially the Familiars, the telepathic cats) to relieve that tension with humor. If I am able to sit down and write the plot will come and twist and turn on it's own, naturally making the beats. However, like most writers, I sell on proposal now, so I must have a "detailed outline" before I sell. As a Pantzer, this is the hardest part of the writing process for me.

I'd say most writers don't stick entirely to their outline, as they get into the story, the characters change, motivations change, actions occur that weren't anticipated in the original outline. And I know editors take that into consideration. But the fact is, to sell you must come up with a story that hangs together, has elements of the unique that will please your editor and an audience. So I can only be a modified pantzer anymore, but I still wear the label with pride.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

RMFW Conference

Since I posted this blog to the RMFW loop, I feel honor bound to talk a little more about RMFW. It is, simply, the organization that taught me how to write. For $35 a year, if you live in the Rocky Mtn. Region, you get an excellent newsletter, access to in-person and online critique groups, great speakers (we just had Nancy Kress) a party or two, the loop for networking, and a fabulous conference. The conference has speakers on writing and on specific interests (i.e. herbs, poisons, weapons, museum security-gems) and on markets. Editors and agents from NY and locally attend. There is the chance to READ YOUR WORK BEFORE AN EDITOR OR AGENT on Friday afternoon of the workshop if you register early and ask to do so. This year's conference is September 9-11 in Denver.

This is the link: http://www.rmfw.org

I have been contest judge, librarian, Mainstream Contest Intake person, Contest Co-Chair, and President of RMFW, so you know they are an organization close to my heart. I'll be speaking about Organization for Pantzers this fall, and I guess I'll talk about being a Pantzer (writing by the seat of one's pants and out of sequence) in my next post...you know 50% of writers are Pantzers...scary for you plot and outline folks, ain't it?

Love to all,
2004 Rocky Mtn Fiction Writer of the Year (awarded by RMFW)

Monday, May 23, 2005


I went to lunch with one of my critique buddies, Steven Moores, who said that I should talk about writing contests/conferences, particularly about Rocky Mtn. Fiction Writers. Well, RMFW is a cross-genre group, so our contest includes Mainstream, Mystery, Romance, SF/F, etc. THE DEADLINE IS JUNE 1, 2005. The top 4-5 finalists get their work judged by an editor or agent, and sometimes the manuscript is requested. That means contests can be a short cut to publication.

YOU DECIDE what contests you want to enter -- depending upon the final judge, and what you want out of them, many contests like RMFW are excellent in receiving feedback regarding your work. They also toughen you up. Other contests, such as RWA's Golden Heart and RITA, give NO feedback, they are for prestige and, again, selling.

Now, most writers who have entered contests for a few years have stories. I am no exception, but I like to keep the blog short (esp. since I should be writing) since the blog is daily. So all I will say is that ALL CONTESTS ARE SUBJECTIVE. You can get harsh or lenient judges, judges in wonderful or crappy moods, judges who don't like how you spell "finalled." Furthermore, you can get people who "don't get" your humor or like your characters or dislike your plot. CRAP SHOOT.

How did I finally get published after 9 years of serious writing? Through a contest. Was I thrilled to win the RITA? YOU BET!

Love to all,

Sunday, May 22, 2005


As you can see, I spent all my free time on redoing the blog. I went through MANY backgrounds, even did a really lovely one then added my RITA -- boy when I previewed did it look tacky, talk about self-aggrandizement. I suppose I could make them all tiny and it would be like a little gold border...but...

I've gone through MANY chairs. I wrote HeartMate on a "kneeling chair" Then I actually had one of those metal fold up chairs with cushy seats for years, THEN I invested in an Aeron...alas, my thigh depth is not what it should be, so it's down in the dining room. I have space for ONE chair in my office. I bought an exercise ball chair, but didn't really get used to it (also in dining room), so now I am back to a kneeling chair again. MORAL OF THIS STORY, MAKE SURE YOU'RE COMFORTABLE!!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Word Count

There are probably pages and pages on writer's sites about Word Count. In NY publishing, the general rule is 25 lines per page in a non-proportional 12 pt font like Courier or New Courier, double spaced. That gives an approximate word count of 250 words per page, which lets an editor "eyeball" how long a book will be, how much paper it will take to print, etc.

Most publishers have set word counts for their stories. My Heart books consistently run over word count (100,000) and therefore the print is smaller. My Luna books are falling right in the middle of the allowed word count (100,000 to 135,000, I believe).

When I write, I tend to pay too much attention to word count and especially pages -- so I type in Times New Roman, single spaced. I still check my word count far too often, but it isn't AS bad.

For my next Heart book, I need to be doing a daily word count of 750 words, or approximately 3 pages, which isn't too difficult for me, even after a long day at the job. Falling behind can be the pits, though.

In any event, I made 2512 words today! That's slightly more than 10 pages, but I think when I actually transfer it to Courier New, it will be more.

TRY NOT to measure yourself against others. I know there are people out there who can write double or triple the amount I do in a day. I know that among my friends, I seem to be able to write more in a day. Make your own reasonable goals and fulfil them. I really wanted 1500 words for today, but the scene flowed (after a few stops and starts and there's a big hole in the "describe T'Saille's Residence" paragraph).

Good witing to you! Tomorrow I have an "author do" appearance thing, so I'll probably talk about that.

Love to all, Robin

Friday, May 20, 2005

First Lines

Yes, First Lines are the ulitmate hook, important for everyone and most particularly for those who have not yet sold yet (see quote below). I'm thinking on this topic as I continue to craft a teaser chapter for Knight Protector. For the Teaser, which will probably be read by those finishing Sorceress of Faith, I can get away with less "set-up" of the worldbuilding -- explaining my alternate dimension/world Lladrana. So I thought I might actually START on Lladrana instead of on Earth -- and with previous characters. The first line will probably be "One night all the volarans disappeared." (Volarans are my flying horses).

I've tried to have "good" opening lines, but some are not as punchy as I would like. On the other hand, they gave me a good place to start.

Today you will meet your HeartMate. HeartMate, Jove Books, December, 2001

Ruis Elder stared out windows that faced the street, checking as he did several times a day that no strangers loitered nearby. No assassins or guardsmen hired by his uncle Bucus. Heart Thief, Berkley Sensation, April 2003

The audio page screamed at Lark, wrenching her awake. "Lark, NOW!" Primary HealingHall demanded. Heart Duel, Berkley Sensation, July 2004

Get me down. GET ME DOWN! The telepathic demand was imperious. Heart Choice, Berkley Sensation, July 2005

When the Star Etalla glows bright and moves through the constellation Caen; When mists envelope the stone circle high atop Archer's Mound; When the face of the Moon is hidden -- then the walls between worlds are thin, and you may Summon saviurs -- or demons -- from the Exotique Land. Send the Call. Choose well. Guardian of Honor, Luna Books, February 2005 BTW, the "Exotique Land" is Earth.

That's all for me today. Now I must write. A scene for Heart Quest is tugging at me...


Thursday, May 19, 2005


If you know and like the Heart series. We are discussing them in depth on the Luna Boards -- http://community.eharlequin.com/WebX/Luna
Love to all,

Teaser Chapters

I've been asked to do "Teaser" chapters for the next book at the end of the previous one. Now this is an iffy proposition, if people read the Teasers, then later pick up the book and read the first few pages, they think they've read the book before and don't buy it. On the other hand, for Heart Quest's Teaser that is attached to Heart Choice out in July, I hadn't written more than a couple of pages when the request came. So I wrote two scenes, submitted them for critique, got them back and sent them to my editor, telling her to use ONE. This did not work. When they got back to me, they wanted MORE. I'd imagine it's the print-size issue, but I wasn't told. "Production" needed more. Since I had -- like -- no time, to write more and make it good, I told them to use both scenes. So I'm a little concerned that the teaser chapter is now pretty much like what will open Heart Quest.

And I'm in the same position with Luna. I've got the pages of the proposal I submitted way back when at the time I sold the series, but I don't have two scenes as I want so that I could take scene no. 2 and use it as a teaser for the book. This teaser, along with other "Front Matter" Maps, etc., is due at the end of the month...so I worked on what I had last night, and am still in two minds to send it in.

So that's my info on writing and publishing today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Repetition/Character Sketches/Worldbuilding

There are a several topics I could ramble about today because I'm thinking about them HARD. One is repetition -- currently I have caves on the mind, and they are showing up in my books. Sorceress of Faith has a cave sequence, my contemporary paranormal centers around a cave, and in Knight Protector I had my heroine "falling" into Lladrana through a cave wall. THAT has to be changed, so that's probably what I'll be working on tonight since the "teaser chapter" is due to Luna by the end of the month. So repetition happens to writers and you should be aware of it, even if you don't want to take the time to understand what is going on in your own mind to spur this. When I started writing seriously, it was fire, now it's caves...shrug.

Other things that I must work on soon are Character Sketches (of which I have many forms) and Worldbuilding. I'm throwing them together because my Character Sketch has to do with one of my main magical entities and it's enemy (or vice versa), so I must think about it and in doing so, I WILL be worldbuilding.

I prefer to have these things unfold as I write along, but when selling on proposal they must be figured out up front.

That's all for tonight.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Critique Group

I LOVE my critique groups. I have two in-person that meet Saturdays, but Saturdays have been tough the last couple of months so one group met tonight. I honestly think that critique groups (or buddies -- outside eyes) are a must for every writer. I also completely believe that if you can't take critique (can't be slightly objective about your work to take and use comments to improve your work) you won't go far in the writing business. If you can't take critique from buddies, how will you deal with an editor? or two? or three? I have 3 now.

That said, I have to revise my chapter AGAIN. I hate that I have to do the work. But I've also found that sometimes I've kicked and moaned and whined about doing the work longer than it actually took me to fix the problem.

So those are my words of writing wisdom for today.

Love to all, (and I wish you could be here to give the single person a hug -- you all know how important hugs are, don't you?)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Writing Day

Very short note. Fed cats. Exercised (30 crunches). Revised first chapter Contemp Paranormal. Bus to 8 hr. Day Job & Job. Errands at Office Depot. Bus home. Fed cats. Paranormal chat, writerspace featuring Tor authors, chatted, did Guardian of Honor blurb and website online and revised promo item for Heart Choice. To Common Grounds -- plot notes for Contemp P. #2, continue plotting Contemp P. #1 -- listened to live blues. Here. Exercises (30 crunches), bath, bed coming up.

How glamourous. You, too, can have this life! Only I am single -- others do it with families.

Love to all,

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Define Yourself as an Artist/Writer - Support Groups

One of the best ways to keep motivated in your creative endeavors is to define yourself as an artsit (writer in my case). Once that becomes your identity, you will NOT give up your pursuit easily. (This is a portion of my Survive to Write, Write to Survive workshop).

Support groups -- Most writers are generous with their time, energy and support. One of the reasons I started theis blog is to support and be supported by writers in my genre.

Robin (oh, BTW, the new printer works fine!)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Here's the RITA

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pretty, isn't she? Big and heavy, too, and out of reach of the CATs! But the feather pen she's holding is very delicate. I've heard of people breaking it off **shudder**

Juussttt Testing

Testing and a one. Testing and a two. Testing and a three. Teleport! Just like in Heart Duel.


This is a test post from Photobucket.com

Demonic Printer Defenestrated

Oooooh! I wanted to, but didn't throw it out my 2nd floor office window. But I DID replace it. The miserable Brother printer crashed for the last time. I will NEVER get another Brother printer. You could not GIVE me another Brother printer. It failed to print out my last submission, Sorceress of Faith, and I had to borrow a friend's computer to fulfill my contract.

Nothing is worse for a a writer than when equipment crashes. I've had luck with my computers, but not with printers. So I got an HP 1012 and we'll see how that goes. I plan on setting it up tonight.

But, when going to Office Max I was sent to another store (the printer was on sale), near a Barnes and Noble and I "signed stock" -- autographed all copies of Guardian of Honor, and they were placed on an end cap (more prominent placement) of Local Authors. I also got the card of the B&N event manager and made good contacts. Hooray!


I'm FINALLY off -- well after I eat and change clothes... Posted by Hello

I knew it

Me Posted by Hello
I knew it. I've spent a couple of hours messing around trying to get this photo on my profile....changing the size, trying to find a place to park it online. Did not work. I guess I'd better get my laptop (without internet capablility) and take myself off to the local coffee shop and work on my writing!

Love, Robin

Up at least

Well, I've joined the Blog-girls at the request of my agent, Deidre Knight. I worry a bit that this will be so much more fun than writing (particularly plotting!). Most of my time online these days is spent at http://www.luna-books.com (see link above) where I have several threads. The current one is called "Summoned to Chat with Robin D. Owens" My Luna books are part of my Summoning series.

Guardian of Honor was out in February, but my title was always Summoned: Castle, Exotique Alexa...so that's how I have my folders set up. SCEA.

Being a Pantzer (write by the seat of the pants -- see woeful cry about plotting above), I have to be organized or writing will flitter around the computer and not be able to be found. I've TRIED those desktop searching systems and one went kerplunk on me.

So the blog will be pantzer-like, too. Stream of consciousness and editing/organization when I can, just stream of consciousness when I don't have time to edit (which looks like the forseeable future).

Well, I have the weekend free, which means I must get started on my Contemporary Paranormal Romance Proposal that I've been working off and on for too durn long. (Yes, mostly set in Colorado).

Since I can be really me in these, I guess I'll be gooey and say smooches to all,
Love, Robin (btw, when I do journaling/morning pages I always sign them Love, Robin -- of course Love Robin is excellent too. Perhaps with an exclamation point -- as a directive -- Love Robin!)

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