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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Heart Sight DONE, Excerpt

Celta Thursday, excerpt from Heart Sight (I actually forgot I wrote this until I read it yesterday): Four evenings later, Vinni paused his glider at the foot of the Vines’ hill before the switchbacks upward to T’Vine Residence. Like many FirstFamily colonists, the first Vine had gone overboard when constructing a home. So grand he didn’t want to live inside the city. He’d claimed the hill and spent his gilt — money — in paying for help raising the gigantic castle.

Or maybe Family legend was correct. Only one of the originally psi gifted Family that became Vine made it out of the walled ghettos of Earth and he never wanted to be caught like that again. Thus the hill outside the walled Druida City, the winding road, the three gatehouses, and his own wall around the castle with many towers.

Vinni’s forebears also recorded that the initial T’Vine had a smidgeon of the psi power of foresight, but mostly a great gift for earth moving and translocation of objects. He should have gone into the construction business, but he tormented himself for not seeing the future and the deaths of his clan.

So he concentrated on — and married for — the Flair of prophecy.

As with the other pioneers who’d funded the starships and landed here, the first T’Vine had believed his descendants and the general population of Celta would burgeon as humans had on Earth. He’d built a home to house the huge Family he planned to beget. Now Vinni and his Family of forty-seven lived in a massive castle modeled after one on old Earth. A place that would house the couple hundred of the Clover Family easily.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Belated Celta Thursday -- Soundtrack Heart Sight (File Screenshot)

I don't have a long soundtrack for Heart Sight, especially when compared to the book which now stands at about 125K words.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Celta Thursday: Heart Sight, Work In Progress, Future Celta Thursdays....

This is my Scrivener Binder for Heart Sight, set to the Facebook Cuts folder, so I have a lot of cuts in Heart Sight I'll post here (or maybe put in a book of Celta Extras).

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