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Friday, April 11, 2008

Daily Grind

All right the first part of my wordcount is done, not brilliantly, but done. Hopping all around the book as an idea occurs to me, still mostly working on the Before The Battle Scenes, then I anticipate going back to my chron which is still in the setup state.

I was invited to contribute to RMFW's next anthology. Actually I was invited last time, too, and was just snowed under. I'm waiting and seeing.

Couldn't find my promo bowl to hold my cards, so went to Cherry Creek and bought 2 more and Z Galleria had 3 people, one new person at the cash register, helping the person before me and wrapping 2 huge urns and unfamiliar with processing a check. Two other people were just sort of milling around, certainly weren't helpful to check me out, so the trip took a lot longer (I must have waited 15 minutes to be checked out and since I was standing in a RED raincoat it wasn't as if they didn't see me, and they had this awful minor toned screeching beat on, didn't help). Yup, RT is coming up and I'm nervous and grumpy and only just now preparing. Why didn't that weight melt off like I expected? Even if I didn't exercise?

Now I'm off to the monthly Literary Ladies Luncheon at the Empress and more promo shopping, office stuff. When I get back, I'll do my pm words.

Tonight I guess I'll clean and print book cover labels for the gimme bags and other labels for my gimme items. Oh, and I MUST go to the P.O. before 6, so I guess that's what I'll do when I get home, thereby getting stuck in traffic. Sigh. I brought this on myself.

May your day go smoothly,


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