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Monday, December 31, 2007

Writing and Life Again

I should be downstairs working. I've worked about 10 minutes this morning, cutting a crucial scene from where I'd added it yesterday because that's where it should go chronologically. But it set a completely wrong tone for the next scene which is more humorous and I spent some time yesterday writing transitions that still didn't work. So I'm backing up and inserting it into a previous chapter where I think it will read well.

I will be totalling most of my wordcount today, but I've been sloppy with keeping records despite my wonderful engagement calendar. I'll count the rough draft of Keepers of the Flame before I cut 60 pages and my editor cut 20, and I'll count the current page length of Heart Fate and the Scenes I've written but aren't in the book yet. But this doesn't take into account any of the scenes I've written and cut and didn't make it into either book. So my wordcount will be off, and I don't even know by how much.

Yesterday we had Freehold Christmas with friends and one of my friends has completed her first full manuscript. She looked at me oddly when I told her I hadn't finished Heart Fate. I knew that look. That was the same look I'd get on my face when my full-time writing friends would tell me they hadn't worked on a book when they had ALL DAY EVERY DAY to write. I was very condemnatory in my mind, though I'd make supportive noises/statements.

I've also been getting "write faster" emails.

All I can say is that it's harder than it looks to come up with story, especially if something is bothering me about a scene.

This year I think mostly that the hard work on re-envisioning Keepers of the Flame and Seamistress (which will never come out), writing Keepers of the Flame, cutting it, then the production fiasco with it, literally wiped me out for a couple of months. Several weeks were in the limbo of "is this the day I'll get the final edits and have to turn them around in hours and am I able to do that?" (I may go back and count them). Then I think my brain went numb for at least 3 weeks.

There's this blog and promotion and the website and the business side, too. Cover copy, ad copy, art work description, conferences, etc. Revising proposals that I thought were fine (that's coming up as soon as I finish Heart Fate and get some direction for the last Luna). Hideous plot/synopsis work which always takes me a long time...

I also had a major house disaster which did not help.

So, those are my rationalizations.

I will post the yearly word count and my goals from last year as told to my critique group over the next couple of days.

Today, as well as writing, I need to go to the bank, do bills, a tax form thing, and some cross-town errands. It's going to be cold and it's still snowy. Already I've fed the cat and put out food for birds/ferals (no food for myself yet) and gotten the recycling together and dragged through the snow in the back yard and out.

And this blog, long as it is, and written/revised as I go, has taken me about 45 minutes. I am not a fast typist Mistral has been screaming at me for the last couple of minutes which is not conducive to writing ANYTHING. I haven't figured out how to stop this new only-cat habit.

Now back downstairs to the laptop without internet and that scene. The sun is coming through this office window, but I've gotten into the habit of writing on the laptop for the moment. No email or other blog temptation, either.

May you look back on 2007 and be pleased.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Strange and Not True

This is really a live journal thing, so if you have a live journal handle you can do it. I really liked the last line.

In 2008, robinowenswrite resolves to...
Ask my boss for a pagan.
Go to meditation every Sunday.
Overcome my secret fear of publishing novels.
Apply for a new wiccan.
Go to the cats every month.
Give some telepathic cats to charity.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

May you craft your own goals well today.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


R&M, I WAS asleep. I woke up and dealt with a minor household disaster due to an error on my part. In my personal life I've made some mistakes lately that I regret, that I would do over again if I possibly could. So I'm living with those. And to settle myself down I looked at my email, etc. Then, since it's the beginning of a new day and the middle of a bitter winter night (6 below 0 Fahrenheit) I started thinking about regrets and decisions (ok, brooding. Scorpios do brood well).

One of the major decisions I made (on the fly) this year that heavily impacted my life was to take the short deadline on Keepers of the Flame and roll three books into two. I don't regret that decision. I was in the middle of a series, and even though *I* know how it ends, and could say "Oh, thus and such happens" it isn't the same as writing it, experiencing it as a reader, is it? Still, that is not a decision I will ever make again easily, and I'll certainly want more negotiation so I don't go crazy.

The business of publishing is something that is completely out of my hands and so far has been roller-coaster enough that I haven't been able to predict what would happen next, just roll with the punches. I don't see this changing, just see myself being faster on my feet.

And since I'm really mixing my metaphors, I should go back to bed and let an umpteenth listen to Orchid by Jayne Castle (Jayne Ann Krentz) put me to sleep. The cat, the wise one of us, is already back in the warm waterbed.

So may NO punches come your way today.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sounds Like a Subplot to Me

Saw this. Loved it.

"The cat sat on the mat is not a story. The cat sat on the other cat's mat is a story."
John le Carre

May all the stories you hear today amuse you.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Music Genome Project -- Pandora Radio

GIF courtesy of the late, great Moyra Web Jewels

I've finally found a new online streaming radio that I can program the way I like it...for instance in the Why Are We Playing This Song:

Based on what you've told us so far, we're playing this track because:

it features new age aesthetics, a prominent rhythm piano part, acoustic sonority, intricate melodic phrasing, and minor key tonality.

it features folk music influences, electronica influences, extensive vamping, major key tonality, and melodic songwriting.

it features new age influences, classical influences, electronica influences, inventive instrumental arrangements, and a slow moving bass line.

Then mix and match the phrases...
Huh. Who knew? I'm an author, not a musician, but, you know, I know what I like...

May you love the soundtrack of your life today.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Something brief today since it snowed all day yesterday and I slid over to my friends to catsit in the am but not the pm, so one of the cats has not had an insulin shot. Sun is not quite up. I have new tires so I should have had better traction. Will call the tire place re: whether they are all weather like I wanted.

Anyway, gotta get out and would prefer it when people aren't stirring...so here's a quote, my favorite.

One day a student asked Taiga, "What is the most difficult part of painting?" Taiga answered, "The part of the paper where nothing is painted is the most difficult." - Zen Saying

May you have no problems with blank space today.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas

May the blessings of the season bring you joy throughout the year.


Monday, December 24, 2007

White Text

Huh the white text instructions didn't show up. Ok I am putting spaces before the greater than/lesser than, so remove when you put in the comments (and this is way too hard).

< font color=white > type message here < /font >

All right, should be able to read that...


Deadlines vs. Promo

PhotobucketAdvice for the day: Do not have deadlines close to when a new book is coming out, because you'll have to prioritize and promotion in this business is very important.

That said, I've printed out the chapters I'm working on because I've revised and put things in them and shuffled them around and need to look at the chron order before I go on.

Also, promo wise, here is the link for my spot on the Luna boards, though Keepers of the Flame should have a discussion board coming up for itself starting in January.

And to post in white add this to your message:
type message here

You do have to be a member to post. Urgh. I know, I know, all these "must register" to do this or that or t'other. But I'd love to see folks there.

May your day be pleasant and full of joy and if you celebrate Christmas, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! My Mom used to make Oyster Stew, family tradition, but really she only liked it. Going out with her and a neighbor on their side of town, I think, tonight. Maybe Greek, maybe Mexican...or she may want to go where she can have oyster stew.

May your day be pleasant and full of joy and if you celebrate Christmas, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Family Xmas

Today is family xmas. I took the easy way out and got gift cards. Not even gift cards to specific places but Visas... I am running behind because the sun is not shining and I now have to make a quiche and go to my cat sitting place and feed them and give one a shot (let's not talk about that, but I think my hands will heal soon).

Families. This looks like it might be a good holiday.

So, not much Writing and Publishing advice except that I wrote in a couple of twists in Keepers of the Flame and I'm dying to talk about them on the Luna boards (in white for spoilers)....

May you have happy holidays.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

deleted comments

Ok, I have a bandage on one of my fingers and I've been making comments and they've been doubling up on me so I've been deleting the extras (or it could be the rum in my eggnog). Not to mention I wasn't quite sure how to spell susceptible.

May you enjoy any comments.


I'm going to have to read the Heart series. I've got notes, but I want even more notes and the rhythm/feel of some things.

I'm thinking of my current hero, Tinne Holly. The worst moment of his life occurred off stage in Heart Thief. It was initiated by the starship, Nuada's Sword. I think earlier in Heart Dance I wrote that neither Tinne nor his brother went to Nuada's Sword because of that...and that particular phrase contradicts something I said in Heart Duel, when Tinne spent a lot of time at the Ship watching his new kidney grow, an off-hand phrase at the time to amuse readers that has now come back to haunt me.

Also, I'm a little foggy on the dreamquests/fever fugues that are Passage, and the last time I've written them were in HeartMate, so back to the beginning to make sure I have things right and try to keep them as consistent as possible.

May you know where you came from and where you're going today.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Solstice!


Welcome, YULE!


By the way, I've heard Keepers of the Flame is shipping/arriving...one person said they liked it... For me as an author waiting for reader reaction to a book is one of the most nervous times.

May you enjoy the daylight today.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Betraying Readers?

First a note that this will be cross posted on my pitiful MySpace Blog and my not-quite-as-pitiful amazon "plog."

I received the galleys for the mass market production of Heart Dance. As those of you know who follow my work closely, I screwed up something between Heart Quest and Heart Dance. In Heart Quest, I had Saille T'Willow say his creative talent was perfumery. In Heart Dance his talent is definitely pottery.

I think I spoke here about adding a line to Heart Dance to the extent that Saille had fibbed when he said that in Heart Quest.

But I'm thinking that fixing this problem might be considered a betrayal of my readers who bought Heart Dance in trade paperback. Would they think that they wasted their money? Would they think that I wanted them to buy BOTH copies? That I'm greedy?

I DO intend to clean up some very minor points that I doubt people will realize -- I used inches/miles instead of the metric system, I believe. And I screwed up a couple of titles (GreatLord instead of GrandLord).

But the above questions haunt me. If even one person (ok, reviewer or keep-in-touch-fan) thought the book they'd previously bought was no good, it's not right.

So, advice please.

And may you face no dilemmas today.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Open House/Chat Luna Authors

I'm participating in an open house with other Luna authors (Maria Snyder, Catherine Asaro, Jeri Smith-Ready have already checked in).

Today only, here:

There WILL be prizes...

May you enjoy today.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Famous Photographer Quiz

Not too surprising...

Which famous photographer are you?

Jerry Uelsmann: Known for multiple imagery and surrealism

"I think of my photographs as being obviously symbolic, but not symbolically obvious.”

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by YouThink.com quizzes and personality tests.

May all your images mean something to you today.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Readers' Preferences

I took the day off yesterday. Refilling the well, was my rationalization and it's a good one to have. I re-read a book (I went through about 40 books yesterday to take to the ubs and only found 5, and of those one was a research book whose author has been exposed as Not Correct, of course 15 of those are most of the "In Death" series currently living in my bedroom). Also reread Nora Roberts' Inner Harbor. I'd reread the first two of the series a while back, but couldn't find my copy of Inner Harbor. Seaswept, the first, is my favorite.

I reread Christina Dodd's In Your Arms which has the same general set up as Linda Howard's White Lies, though Christina's is a historical. Of course, like all good authors Christina put her own spin on it which worked very well. I thought about how I could do the same story, but not very hard, and figured it was one of those "love to read but not to write" plots. A mixture of mistaken-identity (to the lied-to heroine at least) and marriage of convenience.

I am a sucker for marriage of convenience plots, I guess I think that if two people try hard enough at a marriage, they will come to love each other. Or maybe fate will put the right two people together. Or a mixture of both. Anyway, you can usually hook me with a marriage of convenience story.

I like that about readers, that they prefer particular stories. I particularly like that about readers who prefer fated-mates stories which is what I write. Keeping the reasons why the mates don't immediately fall into each others' arms is a challenge. "I love you," he says. "I love you," she says. Smooch. Smooch. Kiss. Kiss. Roll around on the ground. "Our souls have merged. We Are Together FOREVER," they chorus in unison. The End.

Guess since I'm poking fun at myself, I'm in a good mood today. Now I think I'll go down and feed the cat and torture my heroine.
May you be in a good mood, too.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Secondary Characters

Some of my secondary characters will always remain secondary characters (I know, that shocks you). But as they move from book to book, they, too, develop traits and I learn more of their backstory.

Today I'm thinking about Tab Holly, the uncle of T'Holly, the G'Uncle (great-uncle) of Holm and Tinne Holly. He was a second son, so he received The Green Knight Fencing and Fighting Salon as his inheritance as many Holly second sons do. The Holly second sons being adventurous they sometimes fail to reproduce. Tab, himself, is not married nor does he have children. So my current hero, Tinne Holly, who is also a second son, has known from childhood that he will be the owner and operator of The Green Knight, is Tab's Heir, and has worked in the Green Knight since a teen (no, that is not all in the story).

Tab and The Green Knight have been in the Heart books since Heart Duel, the third. We are beginning to know many things about Tab, and he stays true to them in Heart Fate. He was once a seaman and uses contractions etc. that a seaman would use. Ya, interestin' etc. He's an older man, I think I put him in his 90s, and he's going strong, he should have another few decades in him. He is the master of the duello. If there is a duel going on, you'd like Tab Holly to train you for it and you definitely want him to officiate. He is the premier fighter of Celta (this is because T'Holly screwed up several books ago and brought a curse down on his head).

Most of all, for my books, Tab is deeply committed to the idea of HeartMates, particularly since he doesn't have one and has always longed for one.

So, yes, your secondary characters live beyond providing a purpose in your books. Yes, they develop and grow. And, yes, sometimes they always remain secondary.

May you live well today.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vocabulary & Word Choice = Elements of Style

Your vocabulary is one of your main tools of the trade, and how you use it determines your voice and style.

My Berkley editor believes I have a "historical" voice because I write mostly like that in the Heart books. I use older words and longer words (and made up words). She hasn't had the time to read my Summoning books, where I use a looser, more contemporary vocabulary.

And I've found in Heart Fate that I AM using that historical-type voice. Now and then a word comes from my fingertips and I think "well, I'm not talking down to this audience."

The other morning I used "perspicacious." I knew at the time it wasn't quite the word I wanted. I actually wanted to use "sensitive" but you don't call a guy like Tab Holly, an ex-seaman and owner of a fencing and fighting salon "sensitive."

I was reading a J.D. Robb book last night and ran across "astute." Now, I don't know that I ever use "astute" either. For some strange reason (probably because I was a teenage word snob), "perspicacious" comes to my mind sooner than "astute."

In this instance, I like "astute" better. It's the lead up to that tender moment I wrote about and I don't want people reaching for their dictionaries to look up "perspicacious." Furthermore the connotation of astute (and connotation CAN mean different things to different people) seems to me to include "emotionally" sharp. Perspicacious I think of as more "mentally/intellectually/brainy" sharp.

So I went down (working in the dining room on the laptop lately) and changed perspicacious to astute. I hope I keep astute in my personal writing vocabulary. It's a useful word.

May you find all the words you need today. (Hey, I LIKE that blessing, sorta a double entendre of "may you make your wordcount." Or is double entendre only used in sexual innuendo?)


Friday, December 14, 2007

Writing Emotions

I cried when writing a tender scene yesterday. This is a good thing. True, I cry at almost anything. But at least I know that it touched me and when in the months ahead I've read the ms. for the zillionth time and NOTHING moves me, I'll recall that this particular scene made a small impact when I wrote it.

I think I've said before that I've had some wrenching scenes tear out of me that I didn't know would happen before-hand. The one with the greatest impact remains the scene with Straif in the ballroom in Heart Choice.

Danith's Passage in HeartMate was a scene that came from me that I thought was actually a step up in skill and technique when I wrote it. I didn't know I could write like that then.

So those two I remember. This was a small scene, a small moment, not one of the major ones, but I am pleased.

May you be pleased with your work today.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well, I am up, but only long enough to do this blog. Then, since it's still dark and cold (and I don't have my three layers on) back to bed to listen to the meditation tapes and get up again when the sun is up. Usually my eyes hurt to work in the dark with the screen in the am.

Didn't get out at all yesterday except to fill the feeder (now in the alley so I don't have raccoons trying to get into the house).

I am, once again, trying to establish a schedule. Up and work until I get a few pages under my belt, then breakfast (cat has been fed first, of course). Then maybe more work to get the small page count done, then all the other stuff -- email, promo stuff, which gobbles up incredible swathes of time.

I've been lenient with myself and not trying for 10 pages a day (especially if I don't know where I'm going), and usually satisfied with 6. I know that's low for many people, but I also get no brain fry with six and may be able to plug away at 6 for a while. When I know where I'm going, like the first part of a book or the very last chapters, or writing out of sequence, I can punch more out, but now, when tying up scenes, I've allowed myself 6.

Today I plan on a large trip to the Post Office to mail out books for several contests. I think I once calculated at least 1 1/2 hours to enter the contest, checking the rules, printing them out, double checking the entry, getting the books together, signing the books, mailing the books. So, hopefully, that won't take me more than two and a half hours.

May your day go smoothly today.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


When it comes (cuz often it doesn't), grab it and write! Do not hesitate! If your computer is slow and your word processing program doesn't load, use a different one. Write with pen/pencil and paper. Dictate into a recorder.


Something is up with the computer...I don't know if it's the new update of Firefox I downloaded messing with my firewall or not, but I've had to reboot several times today to reset my cable. Just unplugging and putting it back didn't work.

But I did get my wordcount done today, more even, as I had an inspiration surge. AND THE MORE YOU WRITE THE MORE THAT WILL COME TO YOU.

I hope you had a lovely day. Night has fallen here, so have a good evening and night, and a productive one if you so choose!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Culture/Family Relationship Quiz

Set Up:

On our way to my nephew's birthday party, my Mom gave me the fluffy holiday top that I mentioned before, red with three black and white cats with green scarves wrapped around them. The middle one has, I think, a candy cane or holly leaves. The scarves have little white stars.

Now, this year was the first year in many that I could have worn a very elegant mohair holiday sweater I have to the two holiday parties last Saturday. This sweater is scratchy so I must wear something under it, and thus the weather must be cold. Saturday it was cold and snowing.

I wanted to wear the sweater, but I couldn't. BECAUSE, sometime in the future (probably this Saturday when I am dining with Mom and wearing HER sweater, the following conversation will take place).

Mom: "Have you been to any holiday parties?"
Robin: "Yes, two, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' and Rose's Open House."

And Mom's next line would be?

May you enjoy your family today.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Bad Habits

I have a couple of bad habits that I continue to do and must stop. First, if I KNOW I've written a scene and can't find it with Filehand Search or Robin Hand Search, I still continue to look for it far past the time it would take to rewrite the scene. I always think that what I wrote would be better than what I WOULD write. So, like, fuggidabout it, release it (breathe out when doing so), accept that you must rewrite...and DO SO.

Second, I have a page or so (or as little as a swatch of dialogue) that is out of sequence, I come up to that point, and I have to be a contortionist to fit that stuff in, the mood is wrong or the choreography or motivation. This is what slowed me down yesterday, though I'm usually better about just scrapping the work.

But it IS work, and if I like what I've written, I prefer to keep it than rewrite. And, again, I feel like what I've written is better than what I can write.

Not sure what this says about me -- that I hoard, am lazy, don't think I'm growing as a writer -- but these habits can definitely waste time rather than save it, and can make me crazy while I've fallen into their pits...

Now I need to go out and shovel off my porch because Lupus is coming by to pick up a donation...then off to a scene that I know I must do but am not sure how to describe, which is a happy challenge. And, of course, Mistral wants food.

May you overcome any bad habits you have today.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

THE CALL & Critique

"The Call" is the telephone call (old-fashioned now) from an editor (or your agent) that your first book has sold.

Well, I never erased my Call from my voice mail. And I've kept my voice mail ever since and never recorded it.

But I got a broadcast message from Qwest that the system will be changing over Sunday (I'm writing this Saturday night), and some messages might "disappear" So I did record it on my microcasette and it sounds horrible, but it's saved....I think I've been superstitious about erasing The Call (and, like, wouldn't you be?).

So I'll let you know whether it was saved.

BTW, regarding critique: first comment on my pages "Why did you bring this?" Then they got picky and riotous as usual, but they all liked the dog....

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Holdiay Parties -- Support System

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWell, I am up and dressed in good clothes -- the new fluffy top with three small cats in holiday gear on the front -- given to me by my Mom and guaranteed to make me look plumper than I am...brown micro fiber pants (if you've seen me at all in the last couple of years you'll have seen the pants) with no pockets. Joyful holiday kitty socks (ok, I love the socks).

I have critique and two parties scheduled for today. So now I'm going to work on the chapter of Heart Fate and take it in.

RMFW holiday party after that, and those of us in critique will go. It really is good to talk to other writers, though now that I am not working in an office environment, I mostly talk to just other writers.

And segueing into the Writing/Publishing theme -- make sure you have a good support group. People who respect you. THIS IS CRITICAL WHEN YOU ARE UNPUBLISHED to keep you hopeful and determined, and without hope or determination, getting published will be tougher than it is.

So go, talk to people whose eyes won't glaze over when you spend more than 3 minutes describing Point Of View problems...lift a glass for me!

May you have a good day and a joyful holiday season.

Friday, December 07, 2007


I'm up late and don't have much to say. So here's a sunset from SC.

May you enjoy the weather today.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Website Update Live!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

First, just spent some time doing my morning pages -- though I now consider this blog a bit like morning pages, but, frankly, it's public so I can't really spew and nobody likes listening to that on a daily basis anyway...or whine. Same difference.

But I've noticed morning pages don't take me as long as they used to. Writing larger and not on lined paper, spacing more between the lines. Twenty minutes rather than 45.

Secondly, website for December is UP! And since I did the website for January, yesterday, it should go up on time. YAY. I know I want to do Calendar/Time for February since it is leap year.

The above screenshot of my site has "Free Your Artist" highlighted the pointer over the fire...don't know if you can see it, but my web pointer is a gauntlet...

I like my prize, it IS a SMALL pouch. I love the Yule poem. Please note the decoration on Free Your Artist. I DO NOT have the artist of the decoration to ascribe her work to her. If I did, I would.

Have a pleasing day.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fascinatingly Creepy

I was working on my website for January (I'm determined that I will be on time with all my updates...currently my December update has been in the hands of my webmistress for five days).

I always do my Free Your Artist Page first and this time I had a topic of fountains...until I found a quote by Sophia Loren about age and creativity, then I switched to age. January, birth of a new year, growing older...it seemed to work.

I always include "fun links," but never before have I done one that leads to a business...but I couldn't resist the age progression/regression.

Some look incredibly well done, some are just "off" enough to be creepy.

May you feel sprightly today.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dreams and Subplots

I dreamt I was getting married the first Friday of January. Friends and I were arranging the hall, when it was paid for ($40 deposit), they asked me about poems for the wedding....

Altogether weird. I didn't even know who I was marrying, or I was marrying him as part of a sting or something...and it wasn't December, but more like September...

Groggily, when I woke up (Mistral was talking and prodding at me, unlike most of the other cats I have she will rarely WALK on me when I am in bed, and she's a sit-next-to-you-not-on-you cat), I thought, "Maybe I should put a subplot of someone getting married into Heart Fate." That woke me up for sure. "I do NOT need another subplot in Heart Fate. I never need any more subplots in any of my books. I have had to strip subplots out of my books."

So, really, after I gave a passing thought to what poems I'd like for my wedding (I've given up on getting married so none spring to mind except Kahlil Gibran, and I think Cat Steven's "Morning Has Broken" would be a good song -- it's stuck with me from the memorial service I went to in October), I thought about writing and stories.

Then I did my general morning thought. When I wake up, usually the first thing I tell myself now is the day. "It is Tuesday." I lived so long by the work week, I have to do this or I'll be adrift all day.

So, I guess, the thing that I'm saying is that writers think about stories all the time. And second point, blogger thinks "dreamt" is misspelled. I can't use "leapt" anymore either, it always gets corrected (though I think I snuck it in to one of the Luna books), and "snuck" is misspelled, too.

Well, off to feed the cat and take the car in for servicing. Better turn off the tub, no time. But I don't think I'll be looking for poetry for my wedding today, and since I wasn't madly in love with whomever, that's just as well.

May you have a wonderful day.

Monday, December 03, 2007


I started a blog at 7:22 am, but my computer (desktop) had problems. CPU usage 100% (currently running 2-20%). I ran a registry cleaner, tried everything, finally, ha ha, used the backup I made 10 days ago. Though it took me a while to recall how to do that. It was a little off yesterday, but absolutely fine the day before. For some reason, my "Restore to Checkpoint" has never worked, or I might have additional software for restoring installed that thinks I should be restoring from it?

So, I've had problems with my computers lately, and I've been lucky. One complete morning gone, of course, with groping around in the dark to fix.

Anyway, I have to take off soon to take my laptop back to geek squad. They missed a couple of tabs when they snapped it together. Not too pleased. Probably won't go back, next time will ask my computer literate friends who to take it to. Think I said they were going to load security ware on my computer and charge me $100. My current program is $40.

Gotta go.

May you find solutions to all your problems today.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way

I've been continuing to load programs onto my laptop. Also I did decide to go back and do Morning Pages today, according to Julia Cameron's Artist's Way. If you don't know what I mean, here's an article that I wrote some time ago about them....

Morning Pages

I hated the idea of freewriting words, any words for three full 8 ½ x 11 pages every day. Keep the pen moving across the paper. Cameron believes that whatever is on your mind won't dribble out until after 1 ½ and it takes another 1 ½ to deal with it. True at the start, later I spilled my guts from line one. Nobody reads your morning pages, not even you, until week 9.

I don't do any scheduled task (except feed cats, which is self-defense) in the morning. So the pages became evening or lunch pages for me. They worked. They cleaned out my brain of all my petty (or huge) concerns of the day so I could write. They cut down on my whining. They observed the seasons. Sometimes I filled up lines with: "Love, love, love...." But that's not so bad either.

Other reasons to do the pages (paraphrases):
1. They help us stop taking our negative Censor (Inner Critic) as the voice of reason and learn to hear it for the blocking device that it is.

2. They get us to the other side of our fear, negativity, moods.

3. Other writing seems to suddenly be more free, expansive and easier.

4. We identify ourself, learn what we want and become willing to change to get it.

5. The pages loosen our hold on fixed opinions and short-sighted views. We see that our moods, views, and insights are transitory. We acquire a sense of movement, a current of change in our lives.

6. We treat ourselves more gently. Feeling less desperate, we are less harsh with ourselves and with others.

7. Morning pages end dry spells, doing the pages means we have not collapsed to the floor of our despair and refused to move on. We have doubted, but we have moved on.

May your day go well.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sunset on the Beach

Here's a sunset. There will be more.
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May you enjoy the sun today.

Laptop and Art

Well, the wall in my entry way is now FULL. Filled with fabulous framing of my covers (or sometimes shadowboxes of the book!). Just wonderful. When I get my new digital camera (which should be on the way...need to check that), I'll take some pics which won't, of course, do them justice.


Currently I am loading my files onto my laptop which I picked up today. The desktop has been personalized, the sounds haven't. Did I mention the drive is 100 gig? Actually it looks more like 95 gig. Plenty of room for music, though the transfer will be slow. All my published books except the novella are on the laptop. Heart Fate is on, as is what was once known as Singer For A Word and which will probably be Echoes of the Dark.

Old/New ideas/proposals are not, yet. I don't have a graphics program on.

Since I refused to have the repair people buy and load security software (firewall & virus protection) for an extra $100, I went ahead and loaded the free 90 day Norton on that came with WordPerfect X3. I'll move over to my regular software when I get to a place that has Wi-Fi. I don't, here. The repair people would not guarantee their work if they didn't put the security software on. And their guarantee was only for 3 months. So it didn't seem cost effective. As soon as I get to a WiFi, Norton will download the updated virus and before that a firewall will be in place. But I guess I'll back up the whole thing before I go. Anticipating Monday.

So that's pretty much what I did Friday.

May you be creative today.

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