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Friday, April 25, 2008


I've been working on emotional stuff yesterday and today, not quite planning to. Raine's Snap (when she's called back to Earth and her decision to stay or go), and part of the Final Battle scene, which turned out a little different, and I hope a little richer, than I'd planned.

I've stuck close around home this week, when I should be going out for more groceries. I had to go out on Monday because my cleaning person doesn't really like me around when she is here, and I feel strange, too. I didn't want to leave the house. I ended up going to La Loma for Mexican food, then driving to the park which I used in Road of Adventure (the novella in What Dreams May Come), which isn't too far, cranked the car seat back farther than I'd ever done and listened to some music.

Tuesday I went for a massage, Wednesday I had dinner (was picked up) with a friend after her yoga session at the neighborhood studio, and today I will be seeing my ex-roomie who frames all my art and her husband.

So social enough, and I've been online. And I've dealt with bills.

Writing advice/note is that be aware that creative writing and especially writing emotional scenes can drain you more than a regular day job.

May you have a pleasantly busy day full of small triumphs.


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