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Monday, December 24, 2007

Deadlines vs. Promo

PhotobucketAdvice for the day: Do not have deadlines close to when a new book is coming out, because you'll have to prioritize and promotion in this business is very important.

That said, I've printed out the chapters I'm working on because I've revised and put things in them and shuffled them around and need to look at the chron order before I go on.

Also, promo wise, here is the link for my spot on the Luna boards, though Keepers of the Flame should have a discussion board coming up for itself starting in January.

And to post in white add this to your message:
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You do have to be a member to post. Urgh. I know, I know, all these "must register" to do this or that or t'other. But I'd love to see folks there.

May your day be pleasant and full of joy and if you celebrate Christmas, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! My Mom used to make Oyster Stew, family tradition, but really she only liked it. Going out with her and a neighbor on their side of town, I think, tonight. Maybe Greek, maybe Mexican...or she may want to go where she can have oyster stew.

May your day be pleasant and full of joy and if you celebrate Christmas, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE!


Blogger fiberfanatic said...

Whee, mine was delivered today! Wonder if my daughter will borrow it tomorrow to read until she can buy her own copy. I suspect it is a strong possibility...blast it! I know she will be buying her own, she just didn't pre-order it.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Well, it's a LOOONG book, it doesn't look it, but it's the longest...


7:25 PM  

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