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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Family Xmas

Today is family xmas. I took the easy way out and got gift cards. Not even gift cards to specific places but Visas... I am running behind because the sun is not shining and I now have to make a quiche and go to my cat sitting place and feed them and give one a shot (let's not talk about that, but I think my hands will heal soon).

Families. This looks like it might be a good holiday.

So, not much Writing and Publishing advice except that I wrote in a couple of twists in Keepers of the Flame and I'm dying to talk about them on the Luna boards (in white for spoilers)....

May you have happy holidays.


Blogger talia pente said...

Robin, I just finished Heart Dance and loved it. I think this one was more romantic than some of your others. I loved Saille and his internal conflicts and Dufleur's epiphany at the end was lovely.

Definitely one of your best IMHO.

talia (now I need to Keepers so I can talk spoilers on Luna too)

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found th Luna board - where are you posting? cause I went looking and got lost...........


7:20 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Talia, thanks, always nice to see that the newer ones have fans.

Ah, the Luna boards. I'll post the exact url tomorrow, but I think it's under Author Discussions: Summoned to Chat with Robin D. Owens.

But Keepers of the Flame will have it's own discussion starting Jan 1.


8:13 PM  

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