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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Holdiay Parties -- Support System

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWell, I am up and dressed in good clothes -- the new fluffy top with three small cats in holiday gear on the front -- given to me by my Mom and guaranteed to make me look plumper than I am...brown micro fiber pants (if you've seen me at all in the last couple of years you'll have seen the pants) with no pockets. Joyful holiday kitty socks (ok, I love the socks).

I have critique and two parties scheduled for today. So now I'm going to work on the chapter of Heart Fate and take it in.

RMFW holiday party after that, and those of us in critique will go. It really is good to talk to other writers, though now that I am not working in an office environment, I mostly talk to just other writers.

And segueing into the Writing/Publishing theme -- make sure you have a good support group. People who respect you. THIS IS CRITICAL WHEN YOU ARE UNPUBLISHED to keep you hopeful and determined, and without hope or determination, getting published will be tougher than it is.

So go, talk to people whose eyes won't glaze over when you spend more than 3 minutes describing Point Of View problems...lift a glass for me!

May you have a good day and a joyful holiday season.


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