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Monday, December 17, 2007

Readers' Preferences

I took the day off yesterday. Refilling the well, was my rationalization and it's a good one to have. I re-read a book (I went through about 40 books yesterday to take to the ubs and only found 5, and of those one was a research book whose author has been exposed as Not Correct, of course 15 of those are most of the "In Death" series currently living in my bedroom). Also reread Nora Roberts' Inner Harbor. I'd reread the first two of the series a while back, but couldn't find my copy of Inner Harbor. Seaswept, the first, is my favorite.

I reread Christina Dodd's In Your Arms which has the same general set up as Linda Howard's White Lies, though Christina's is a historical. Of course, like all good authors Christina put her own spin on it which worked very well. I thought about how I could do the same story, but not very hard, and figured it was one of those "love to read but not to write" plots. A mixture of mistaken-identity (to the lied-to heroine at least) and marriage of convenience.

I am a sucker for marriage of convenience plots, I guess I think that if two people try hard enough at a marriage, they will come to love each other. Or maybe fate will put the right two people together. Or a mixture of both. Anyway, you can usually hook me with a marriage of convenience story.

I like that about readers, that they prefer particular stories. I particularly like that about readers who prefer fated-mates stories which is what I write. Keeping the reasons why the mates don't immediately fall into each others' arms is a challenge. "I love you," he says. "I love you," she says. Smooch. Smooch. Kiss. Kiss. Roll around on the ground. "Our souls have merged. We Are Together FOREVER," they chorus in unison. The End.

Guess since I'm poking fun at myself, I'm in a good mood today. Now I think I'll go down and feed the cat and torture my heroine.
May you be in a good mood, too.


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