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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Laptop and Art

Well, the wall in my entry way is now FULL. Filled with fabulous framing of my covers (or sometimes shadowboxes of the book!). Just wonderful. When I get my new digital camera (which should be on the way...need to check that), I'll take some pics which won't, of course, do them justice.


Currently I am loading my files onto my laptop which I picked up today. The desktop has been personalized, the sounds haven't. Did I mention the drive is 100 gig? Actually it looks more like 95 gig. Plenty of room for music, though the transfer will be slow. All my published books except the novella are on the laptop. Heart Fate is on, as is what was once known as Singer For A Word and which will probably be Echoes of the Dark.

Old/New ideas/proposals are not, yet. I don't have a graphics program on.

Since I refused to have the repair people buy and load security software (firewall & virus protection) for an extra $100, I went ahead and loaded the free 90 day Norton on that came with WordPerfect X3. I'll move over to my regular software when I get to a place that has Wi-Fi. I don't, here. The repair people would not guarantee their work if they didn't put the security software on. And their guarantee was only for 3 months. So it didn't seem cost effective. As soon as I get to a WiFi, Norton will download the updated virus and before that a firewall will be in place. But I guess I'll back up the whole thing before I go. Anticipating Monday.

So that's pretty much what I did Friday.

May you be creative today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had not realized that the next title was Singer for a WORD. I had been reading it as Singer for a WORLD.

Since it is the fifth and so far the titles have been Gaurdian of, Sorceress of, Gaurdian of, and Sorceresses of, should the fifth one be Gaurdian of Song, ...of the World...?

9:17 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Anonymous, I made a spelling error, it should be Singer For A World.

There are battles I can fight (and win), but titles have never been one, either with Berkley or Luna. And I'm not in a position to fight for the title at this time.

They didn't like Singer for a World, they didn't like Destroyer of the Dark...or any other "Person/Quality" type things.

They liked Echoes of the Dark, so as far as I know, that's what it will be.


11:57 AM  

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