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Monday, December 10, 2007

Bad Habits

I have a couple of bad habits that I continue to do and must stop. First, if I KNOW I've written a scene and can't find it with Filehand Search or Robin Hand Search, I still continue to look for it far past the time it would take to rewrite the scene. I always think that what I wrote would be better than what I WOULD write. So, like, fuggidabout it, release it (breathe out when doing so), accept that you must rewrite...and DO SO.

Second, I have a page or so (or as little as a swatch of dialogue) that is out of sequence, I come up to that point, and I have to be a contortionist to fit that stuff in, the mood is wrong or the choreography or motivation. This is what slowed me down yesterday, though I'm usually better about just scrapping the work.

But it IS work, and if I like what I've written, I prefer to keep it than rewrite. And, again, I feel like what I've written is better than what I can write.

Not sure what this says about me -- that I hoard, am lazy, don't think I'm growing as a writer -- but these habits can definitely waste time rather than save it, and can make me crazy while I've fallen into their pits...

Now I need to go out and shovel off my porch because Lupus is coming by to pick up a donation...then off to a scene that I know I must do but am not sure how to describe, which is a happy challenge. And, of course, Mistral wants food.

May you overcome any bad habits you have today.


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