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Sunday, December 09, 2007

THE CALL & Critique

"The Call" is the telephone call (old-fashioned now) from an editor (or your agent) that your first book has sold.

Well, I never erased my Call from my voice mail. And I've kept my voice mail ever since and never recorded it.

But I got a broadcast message from Qwest that the system will be changing over Sunday (I'm writing this Saturday night), and some messages might "disappear" So I did record it on my microcasette and it sounds horrible, but it's saved....I think I've been superstitious about erasing The Call (and, like, wouldn't you be?).

So I'll let you know whether it was saved.

BTW, regarding critique: first comment on my pages "Why did you bring this?" Then they got picky and riotous as usual, but they all liked the dog....


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