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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well, I am up, but only long enough to do this blog. Then, since it's still dark and cold (and I don't have my three layers on) back to bed to listen to the meditation tapes and get up again when the sun is up. Usually my eyes hurt to work in the dark with the screen in the am.

Didn't get out at all yesterday except to fill the feeder (now in the alley so I don't have raccoons trying to get into the house).

I am, once again, trying to establish a schedule. Up and work until I get a few pages under my belt, then breakfast (cat has been fed first, of course). Then maybe more work to get the small page count done, then all the other stuff -- email, promo stuff, which gobbles up incredible swathes of time.

I've been lenient with myself and not trying for 10 pages a day (especially if I don't know where I'm going), and usually satisfied with 6. I know that's low for many people, but I also get no brain fry with six and may be able to plug away at 6 for a while. When I know where I'm going, like the first part of a book or the very last chapters, or writing out of sequence, I can punch more out, but now, when tying up scenes, I've allowed myself 6.

Today I plan on a large trip to the Post Office to mail out books for several contests. I think I once calculated at least 1 1/2 hours to enter the contest, checking the rules, printing them out, double checking the entry, getting the books together, signing the books, mailing the books. So, hopefully, that won't take me more than two and a half hours.

May your day go smoothly today.


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