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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way

I've been continuing to load programs onto my laptop. Also I did decide to go back and do Morning Pages today, according to Julia Cameron's Artist's Way. If you don't know what I mean, here's an article that I wrote some time ago about them....

Morning Pages

I hated the idea of freewriting words, any words for three full 8 ½ x 11 pages every day. Keep the pen moving across the paper. Cameron believes that whatever is on your mind won't dribble out until after 1 ½ and it takes another 1 ½ to deal with it. True at the start, later I spilled my guts from line one. Nobody reads your morning pages, not even you, until week 9.

I don't do any scheduled task (except feed cats, which is self-defense) in the morning. So the pages became evening or lunch pages for me. They worked. They cleaned out my brain of all my petty (or huge) concerns of the day so I could write. They cut down on my whining. They observed the seasons. Sometimes I filled up lines with: "Love, love, love...." But that's not so bad either.

Other reasons to do the pages (paraphrases):
1. They help us stop taking our negative Censor (Inner Critic) as the voice of reason and learn to hear it for the blocking device that it is.

2. They get us to the other side of our fear, negativity, moods.

3. Other writing seems to suddenly be more free, expansive and easier.

4. We identify ourself, learn what we want and become willing to change to get it.

5. The pages loosen our hold on fixed opinions and short-sighted views. We see that our moods, views, and insights are transitory. We acquire a sense of movement, a current of change in our lives.

6. We treat ourselves more gently. Feeling less desperate, we are less harsh with ourselves and with others.

7. Morning pages end dry spells, doing the pages means we have not collapsed to the floor of our despair and refused to move on. We have doubted, but we have moved on.

May your day go well.


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