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Friday, May 27, 2005

Juggling Projects/Weekend Writing

I just got up. I've fed the cats and opened up the house -- this affects my writing. Since I'm obsessive, most things affects my writing. If I don't feed the cats, Diva will sit in front of my monitor. Then whine. Then display claws. Then will "tap" one of the writing arms WITH claws...Oh, I don't have a door I can shut to my office. It is cool and cloudy today, and I want the house to remain cool. It's old, so the foot thick outside walls help the first few really hot days of summer. My office is on the 2nd floor and I've opened the window I have a Dell "gaming" machine which is loaded, but also big and hot. The office can get very hot in the summer.

Next to me is non-concentrate orange juice with Vitimin C and Calcium in a mug. My ex-roomie gave me the mug because it has a playful cat chasing butterflies and it hurts a little because the cat looks like one I lost. I'm in a melancholy mood today. The office is dim, with light coming from the bottom square of the double hung window and the monitor, but I am a touch typist with a natural keyboard, so I'm ok.

I've decided to take today off the day job, and Monday is a holiday. I won't get paid for either day since I am a contractor, but today and Monday are on different pay periods so I wil lose only 1 day for each of the 2 weeks, and I can put more hours in next week. I should drop by and see Mom across the city sometime, I have a bbq on Sat. night, some errands to run and should definitely tidy up my dining room tables. Flat surfaces are very dangerous, they accumulate stuff.

ANYWAY, I am now contemplating what to write. I have a promo for Heart Choice I should be working on. I have Advanced Reading Copies for Heart Choice requests and I can't just print them because I haven't added all the Copy Editing corrections to my computer copy. I have the contemporary paranormal that I want to get out the door, because the sale might enable me to quit the Day Job, and I need to clean up chapter 2, write chapter 3 and figure out a reasonable storyline to do the synopsis. I promised the teaser chapter of Knight Protector to Luna by the first and I have to revise the 2nd half. And, finally, I SHOULD keep steady on Heart Quest so I don't fall too far behind in my daily word count. I have some scenes to sew together, then I'll be forging into new territory. Heart Quest was a "trust me, baby," book, bought completely unseen (well, I only had IDEAS when they bought it) so this will be fun to write, I'm hoping.

I am NOT good at juggling projects, yet. And since it seems all my NEW writing will be based on stuff I need to revise, it isn't just sitting down and writing. I am optimistically hopeful that I can do all the above in the long weekend.

Well, guess I'll go down and get breakfast, maybe go back to the bed and stare at the ceiling and think. I'm usually a decisive person, but I'm feeling slow today. I've got my blog done for the day, so that's something.



Blogger moonhart said...


Tough to get the creative juices flowing when you have a down mood. I know that the weather is a bigtime factor in my writing. And sometimes, I just plain don't want to write. (GASP!) I want to read, or crochet or create something in a different medium.

The upside to juggling projects is having projects to juggle!

I mean, you're wanted and that is a good thing. Lovely reviews are trickling in, and you even have a "trust me baby" book!

All good things. Good about the orange juice. Calcium is important as is taking care of yourself. ;)

Oh, and my dog is very insistent that he receive his greenie dog biscuit in the AM. Very. Insistent.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks Moonhart. I reworked the teaser chapter of Knight Protector and chapter 2 of my contemporary paranormal and started on chapter 3. I'm pretty pleased with my progress.

There was an Incident with a Mouse (Diva got one) that I prefer not to recall, but I treated myself to some very good tea and had a long talk with my mentor. So, all in all, a good day.

Thanks again!

8:35 PM  

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