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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Good Reviews/Fan Mail = Drugs

The only true validation a writer can count on is INNER VALIDATION that you have written from your heart the best story you are capable of telling at the time. Naturally, we all want fabulous reviews, our inboxes bulging with praise. But if you rely on outside validation when someone hates your book and derides it, you can be crushed. So strengthen your belief in yourself. Good reviews and fan mail are like drugs. If you get two in your inbox Tuesday saying your work is good, you need three Wednesday saying your work is fabulous! So, I repeat. RELY ON INNER VALIDATION THAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN FROM YOUR HEART THE BEST STORY YOU ARE CAPABLE OF TELLING. And each day I hope my skill grows.

All that said, reviews of Heart Choice are trickling in. I simply had no time to send out Advanced Readers Copies like I did for some of my other books, so I’m not getting as many early reviews as previously. But I’ve got one or two, and the following just made my week! It’s not up until June 1.

HEART CHOICE is Robin D. Owens's newest Celta novel set in a land where psychic powers are the norm. Character driven, the story takes readers deep into the souls of Straif and Mitchella, two strong personalities who are both trying to flee their pasts. The dialogue is brilliant, and secondary characters provide strong support to the tale. Terrific writing with incredibly detailed visions of this mystical world, coupled with a very realistic and sensual romance, make HEART CHOICE a fantastic read.

For those who have read the previous novels set in Celta, you will be delighted with the latest one. It's intense, exciting, and magical. Don't miss it.

Jani Brooks
Romance Reviews Today


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a great review!

9:43 AM  
Blogger Darla said...

Heh. Jim Butcher calls it "author-heroin." Excellent review, btw!

4:52 AM  

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