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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Up at least

Well, I've joined the Blog-girls at the request of my agent, Deidre Knight. I worry a bit that this will be so much more fun than writing (particularly plotting!). Most of my time online these days is spent at http://www.luna-books.com (see link above) where I have several threads. The current one is called "Summoned to Chat with Robin D. Owens" My Luna books are part of my Summoning series.

Guardian of Honor was out in February, but my title was always Summoned: Castle, Exotique Alexa...so that's how I have my folders set up. SCEA.

Being a Pantzer (write by the seat of the pants -- see woeful cry about plotting above), I have to be organized or writing will flitter around the computer and not be able to be found. I've TRIED those desktop searching systems and one went kerplunk on me.

So the blog will be pantzer-like, too. Stream of consciousness and editing/organization when I can, just stream of consciousness when I don't have time to edit (which looks like the forseeable future).

Well, I have the weekend free, which means I must get started on my Contemporary Paranormal Romance Proposal that I've been working off and on for too durn long. (Yes, mostly set in Colorado).

Since I can be really me in these, I guess I'll be gooey and say smooches to all,
Love, Robin (btw, when I do journaling/morning pages I always sign them Love, Robin -- of course Love Robin is excellent too. Perhaps with an exclamation point -- as a directive -- Love Robin!)


Blogger Deidre Knight said...

Woo hoo! PAntzer Girl is here. We might have to nominate you for the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEWOMEN (see www.genashowalter.blogspot.com for full explanation.) I think Pantzer might be our next super hero. So glad you're up and going! You'll find the blog is an excellent way to free up your writing mind.
Love ya back! :)

9:35 AM  
Blogger Jaci Burton said...

Welcome to blog-land, Robin! A new and easy way for all us writers to waste time...Um, I mean another method by which we exercise our muse before tackling writing. ;-)


9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Robin!!! And yes you must join our league of writing superheros. LOL I think Pantzer would be a formidable foe to evil everywhere }:)


10:04 AM  
Blogger Destruction Angel said...

Hey Robin, i don't think us at Luna know you've a blog yet. ;)

Found the link on Deirdre's blog.


10:11 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

I'll post a bit on Luna, then I HAVE to write...Deidre IS waiting for something for me, not to mention my deadline for Heart Quest.

Love to all,

10:48 AM  
Blogger moonhart said...

My next WIP (which is in the simmering stage) I am going to write out of order. I haven't figured out the most comfortable way for me to create as yet.

So, the next one will be more freewheeling rather than chronological writing. Since it is chic-litty (is that a word?) I think it'll work.

5:19 PM  

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