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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Teaser Chapters

I've been asked to do "Teaser" chapters for the next book at the end of the previous one. Now this is an iffy proposition, if people read the Teasers, then later pick up the book and read the first few pages, they think they've read the book before and don't buy it. On the other hand, for Heart Quest's Teaser that is attached to Heart Choice out in July, I hadn't written more than a couple of pages when the request came. So I wrote two scenes, submitted them for critique, got them back and sent them to my editor, telling her to use ONE. This did not work. When they got back to me, they wanted MORE. I'd imagine it's the print-size issue, but I wasn't told. "Production" needed more. Since I had -- like -- no time, to write more and make it good, I told them to use both scenes. So I'm a little concerned that the teaser chapter is now pretty much like what will open Heart Quest.

And I'm in the same position with Luna. I've got the pages of the proposal I submitted way back when at the time I sold the series, but I don't have two scenes as I want so that I could take scene no. 2 and use it as a teaser for the book. This teaser, along with other "Front Matter" Maps, etc., is due at the end of the month...so I worked on what I had last night, and am still in two minds to send it in.

So that's my info on writing and publishing today.


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