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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heart Search "Dear Reader" Letter

Here is Heart Search's "Dear Reader" letter for Berkley's email newsletter:

Welcome to Celta – a world of magic, romance, and telepathic animal companions with attitude.

Time has passed...Heart Search takes place some years after the previous book, Heart Journey – with the first story of the younger set.

In Heart Search we meet two very business-minded people – Camellia Darjeeling who is excited about opening her second teahouse, and Laev Hawthorn, a savvy entrepreneur. Both of whom concentrate on business instead of their personal lives because of past suffering.

Laev married a woman who betrayed him, and, he recently discovered, stole family heirlooms. Camellia's drive came from her need to escape an abusive childhood – and just as she is celebrating her success, her father and uncle turn up for a bit of extortion.

And there are the cats – a pair with an agenda and a gift for manipulation.

Laev and Camellia don't trust love, and when they do figure out that they're falling for each other, they decide to keep it light. But fate can't be denied.

As for Celta itself in the story, there's a recent epidemic, a touch of reincarnation, and goddess's curse. Old friends show up, like the Hollys, Cratag Maytree Marigold and Vinni T'Vine. So do old settings, like The Green Knight Fencing and Fighting Salon.

But there are new friends – Glyssa Licorice and Tiana Mugwort, Camellia's best friends. The private investigator Garrett Primross. And Jasmine Ash, Dani Eve Elder and Cal Marigold – another new generation.

I hope you will journey to Celta and enjoy your time there.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again,


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