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Friday, August 21, 2015

Lost Heart, a Celta Enovella

I have requested to purchase this cover for the Barton Clover-Enata Licorice story currently called Lost Heart. Not sure whether I'll get it, but the order has gone in (about a week after I posted. I really thought about it). As you all may or may not know, I write out of order and then write transitions for my scenes and chapters. So it was easy for me to work the cover into the story (just this morning!) Here it is:

They would leave the mysterious island tomorrow at dawn, probably never to return. [SPOILER CUT]. Sorrow filled her . . . and sleep teased Enata, then vanished, leaving her awake in the dark. As far as she knew, Barton made the rounds of the castle one more time. Finally she gave up on sleep and teleported in her nightgown to the headland opposite the castle, to look at it one last time.

A whisper of sound and warmth at her back told her Barton had joined her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will be this story a full Heart Book or an e-book?
What about the Alba story?

Anything will be great! Looking forward to reading them. Thanks

1:33 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

I think I posted about 6K of a romantic subplot I cut from Heart Fortune at my editor's request. That will be the basis of this NOVELLA. I am hoping to also have it available for Print On Demand. :) We'll see. Much remains up in the air.

4:47 PM  

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