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Friday, August 07, 2015

Celta Thursdays and the Ghost Seer series

A couple of things. First, I will probably be doing more "bits" for Celta Thursdays. That is, less full fledged scenes, more like a paragraph or two and lines.

Next, on August 21 Clare Cermak first saw ghosts...I'm hoping to post small excerpts of all the Ghost books each day through GHOST TALKER even (the one I'm working on), through September 25th (which I think will be the ending date of Ghost Talker). This is an ambitious project. I am hoping to entice those of you who haven't tried the Ghost books into buying them.
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Also, since my blog feed goes to amazon, to pick up readers there.

That's my plan, just letting you all know ahead of time so there are not many surprises.


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