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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ghost Seer Day 4

“Clare Cermak has decided to face her fears and is going to walk in LoDo . . . where there are quite a massive number of unhappy ghosts,” Zach's elderly landlady stated. “Ghosts of the Chinese who lost their lives in the race riot of Hop Alley in 1880, ghosts of despairing and desperate women who were prostitutes in the red-light district, including three who were strangled by a serial killer in 1894.”

Zach stared at her. “You know a lot,” he muttered.

Her lips compressed into a thin line before she said, “I know the ghosts of Denver, Zach.” A heavy silence. “Since I believe in them.”

He raised his brows. “And you think I should.”

“I think you have a gift—”


She inclined her head.

“Are you going to throw me out?” he asked, a pang zipping to his gut. He liked this place. He liked her and Mrs. Magee. He loved the food.

Her head tilted and expression softened. “Not right now. Especially not if you help Clare.”

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