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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Celta Thursday: upcoming Heart Fire Character List

Celta Thursday, Heart Fire Character List continued (coming Nov).
Tiana Mugwort's Best Friends:

Felonerb: her FamCat animal companion

Camellia Darjeeling D'Hawthorn: GreatLady D'Hawthorn, businesswoman/cook, owner of teashops (heroine of Heart Search), FamCat Mica

Glyssa Licorice Bayrum: FirstLevel Librarian (heroine of Heart Fortune), FamFox **

Tiana Mugwort's Family:

Artemisia Mugwort Primross: sister, Healer (heroine of Heart Secret), FamRacoon Randa

Quina Mugwort: mother, devotee of the Intersection of Hope religion, Healer

Sinjin Mugwort: father, former judge, writer of legal articles

Garrett Primross, brother-in-law, private investigator, FamCat Rusby.

The Temple People:

High Priestess GrandLady Ulmaria Meadowsweet** D'Sandalwood of GreatCircle Temple

High Priest GrandLord Alb T'Sandalwood of GreatCircle Temple

Lucida Gerania of GreatCircle Temple, FirstLevel priestess and rival of Tiana Mugwort


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