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Thursday, July 03, 2014

All Heart Books Up on Audible! And Celta Thursday

Here's the series: http://www.audible.com/search/ref=a_hp_tseft?advsearchKeywords=Robin+D.+Owens&filterby=field-keywords&x=0&y=0 This is narrated by Noah Michael Levine, recommended by a good friend. Ghost Seer is narrated by a woman, for contrast. :)

And because it's easy, and the copy edits for Heart Fire lit yesterday, here's the first section of the Cast of Characters for Heart Fire that is open on my machine and I'm working on:

Cast of Characters

Antenn Blackthorn-Moss's Family:

Pinky: Antenn's cat who became a FamCat animal companion

Shade Moss: older brother, murderer, one of a slum triad gang (3 boys linked mentally), deceased

Mitchella Clover D'Blackthorn: adopted mother, interior designer, FirstFamily GrandLady (heroine of Heart Choice)

Straif T'Blackthorn: adopted father, FirstFamily GrandLord, tracker (hero of Heart Choice)

Trif Clover Winterberry: adopted cousin, composer/musician (heroine of Heart Quest)

Ilex Winterberry: cousin by marriage, Chief of all the Druida City guards (police), (hero of Heart Quest)

Draeg Betony Blackthorn: adopted cuz, warrior (upcoming hero of Heart Legacy)


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