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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back to the Captain's Log from Heart Thief

As I said before, this was a failed experiment, a secondary story at the beginning of each chapter of Heart Thief. I have at least 3 versions up through Chapter 7, after that I gave up. I used the basis of these logs as the story Heart And Sword.


I am confident and in command outside my quarters, slowly regaining the trust of many. I've instituted probe-building to saturate our pathway. The new program has attracted the intelligent and competitive young, channeling their energies.

Those people who were Awakened and lived their full lives aboard the ships have bred for psi-powers. I see a significant increase in this talent, now called "Flair." Other technical genius has prospered. The engines have been overhauled, also satisfying young scientists who have an outlet for their skill.

I am guardedly hopeful and constantly reassure the rational ones in the crew. Only here can I say how the irrational ones scare me. A new home for us all must be found, and soon. I lead a double life. I need Miriam.

Those are first steps, and if I plan correctly, I can regenerate the ideals I believe in, in the crew. I pray we find a new planet soon.

I snuck away to see Miriam. Her cube was cold to the touch, and I ached to see her smile. The cryogenic room is huge and awesome and terrible. Something was wrong with the controlled atmosphere, when I left, my face was wet.


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