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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tools -- Laptop

Well, shoot, just lost my blog...so here it goes again.

Get your tools in shape before you leave on a trip.I've told you that I don't have internet access on my laptop. That meant when I got to a place where I needed my wireless card, it had turned itself off due to lack of use. I also needed java, which I didn't have. SOOO, I spent time I would have (probably) written on messing around with the computer. Hours. First trying to find why the wireless didn't work, then finding out why I couldn't download and open java with Mozilla. Finally, with the first, I called Dell support and someone led me through the steps and we figured it out. The second time I just kept trying and finally, I think, java.com told me what to do -- load it on offline. A simple step I should of thought of in the first place...but Archon has been intense...

Moral of the story: have your tools in working order -- and test them -- before travelling...and yes, I'll have to log on now and again with the laptop so it doesn't turn itself off.

May your connection to inspiration be strong and sweet today, Love to all,Robin


Blogger Cheyenne McCray said...

You're so right, Robin. And my connection to inspiration definitely needs to be strong today!



9:53 AM  

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