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Monday, September 26, 2005


I've overextended myself on conventions this year. There are many reasons to go to various conventions for a writer:

Romantic Times (to promote and meet readers and friends)

Romance Writers of America (or other professional association -- to network with editors and agents and colleagues and meet friends)

Archon (see above link -- to promote, and, hey, guess what two of my favorite people will be there -- Harry and Susan Squires -- Harry writes as H.R. Knight)

Mile Hi Con (to have fun with friends, to promote -- hey, I've been going to this one for years!)

World Fantasy Con (to network -- but I have to miss this one, my niece is getting married)

So that's it. Next year I'm already promised to RWA in Atlanta, where my agent is, and Romantic Times, where a good friend, Linnea Sinclair is.

But if you're an introverted writer -- these can be exhilerating but draining.

See you online, and may you find inspiration within and without today.


Blogger Cheyenne McCray said...

I can only do so much traveling. It wears me out and it takes me a few days to recover! I love the Romantic Times Convention. I have been going to the RWA cons, and next year is our local Desert Dreams which is wonderful. But hopefully that will be it for traveling. in a week and a half I go to Nashville for the Southern Festival of Books. I'll be staying with my writing partner, and we'll have a booth for our young adult books. So I'll be my alternate personality. :-)

9:21 AM  
Blogger Jeri said...

I always dread cons and appearances but then enjoy the heck out of them once I'm there. Looking forward to my first RWA and possibly RT cons next year.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Yes, I am hoping that I'll have fun. Maybe fun enough to do it again when I am better prepared (ha, ha, ha).

Thanks for the thoughts. Good Luck at the Southern Festival, Chey.


5:43 AM  

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