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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sorceress of Faith Arc up for Katrina Auction

This is brief. It's gray and rainy here and will be the same when I reach St. Louis for Archon tomorrow...but meanwhile, I'm doing another bit for Katrina victims. A Rough, rough (ruff ruff ruff) draft of Sorceress of Faith is up for auction, with real cover flat, here.

ALONG WITH Luna books from Anne Kelleher and Christie Golden. Go forth and bid -- you, too, can see how I write rough. I did say my word for the book was "nasty" right? The monster was nasty, the monster's TEETH were nasty....

No, the galleys haven't come for it yet...today I hope because I'm leaving at 3am tomorrow for Archon.

May inspiration STRIKE us all today. LOL. Is that a blessing or curse?

Love to all


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