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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Themes - Names

Every story has a theme whether you know it ahead of time or discover it through the book. The general theme of romance is: Love Conquers All. Mystery: Crime Doesn't Pay.

And authors tend to explore or use a theme time and again. I think the underlying theme of all my work is Know Thyself. The hero or heroine, or both, are usually discovering their true self in my books. And for me, for a while, this was symbolized by a change in their names.

In HeartMate, Danith Mallow finally discovers that she DOES have magic and is Tested and jumps a couple of social classes -- and is asked by a clerk what she wants her new Noble name to be. T'Ash struggles with integrating his various "parts," Noble young childhood, slum growing-up years, powerful Noble adulthood. The overall "outer" plot is haves vs. havenots/gangs.

In Heart Thief, Ruis is denied his name because he has no magic (Flair) and INSISTS on justice (actually he wants revenge, but he ends up with justice). This is an outcast vs. society story.

In Heart Duel, Holm thinks he knows who he is, but finds out he doesn't. He also wants to call his mate by something no one else does, so uses one of her middle names. The outer plot is Romeo and Juliet, and family approval.

In Heart Choice, Straif Blackthorn has been searching for years for a "cure" to a faulty gene so his family name is carried on. He learns that families can be "made" and love of family members is what makes them family more than blood.

And in Guardian of Honor, when Alexa goes to Lladrana, they can't pronounce her name. Those people who CAN are the most important to her. The theme for this book was "What would you do to fit in?"

Or, you can say that I write about families -- becoming, disintegrating, changing.

That's my work. Take a look at yours.

May your writing flow as easily as a great river today.



Blogger moonhart said...

You wrote:

May your writing flow as easily as a great river today.

From your keyboard to my muse's ears.

Really. I am off to do some heavy duty writing now.


7:10 AM  

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