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Friday, September 30, 2005

Juggling Priorities

There is nothing I want to do right now more than stay in bed and sleep...but I am at Archon with FOUR panels today, I have this daily blog :) and you may have noticed it is now the end of the month...

Well, my website update HAS been done and sent to my new webmistress -- I figure those who read it monthly, and maybe look at the Free Your Artist pages (ok, ok, those who come for the contest), like to see it updated in a timely manner, which I don't always do. Sometimes it's more like 6 weeks before it's updated instead of a month.

BUT. I promised to judge contests. I can be a sucker for doing that. I finished one contest on time and sent the stuff back. This next one is due today. I've read the entries and sent one back, the other two I'm dithering about because I want to help and am considering the scoring...

And I asked for a "Tell Tale" page at Access Romance, and that has to be done. So I'm sitting here in the dim room and getting the blog done and thinking about everything else I have to do and that it's an hour EARLIER here (midnight comes earlier...yes, I'm that desperate and who sleeps at cons anyway?)...and crunching a granola bar I happen to have with me. My hotel doesn't have mugs so I can't have tea yet....

Back on topic -- priorities. Every writer has them. Those who have a day job (I really recommend this) has more. I am lucky that I don't have a husband and children, because they would come first. As it is, the cats muscle in on my writing time.

Contest judging is important. It's important to give back to the writing community, but right now, thinking All About Me, that's what I would cut. Especially around deadline time. And I'm pretty sure the effort I put into Archon is NOT going to payoff -- but with writing and publicity, who knows?

So Me and Promotion and Writing Heart Quest and Paying Back all mush together in my mind and I know my life is out of balance. I did not choose my priorities well this month - or rather I bit off more than I could chew...

And that's my writing and publishing wisdom for today - by example. Set your priorities, try and figure out how much time each will demand (double it) and WRITE.

May your writing flow freely today so you can make the most of every minute.

Love to all,


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