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Saturday, October 01, 2005

SF/F Convention Day 2 (yesterday) Archon

Yes, it's 10 am here and I just got up. Still pretty groggy. So much for writing until my 3pm panel...

I knew it would happen someday -- I have a signing and there are no books. I did panels promoting and none of my books are available here at the con to buy. Some slip up. I didn't say anything, what's the point?

This is no one's responsibility except the author. YOU are supposed to make sure that the books will be at a signing. If you fear they won't be there, you bring some. I was told there would be books, but I didn't get a name and number to follow up with, didn't press the issue.

You see, the books issue is vital only to me, so I should handle it, just like I should have made sure I had enough teaser booklets and other promo. I just didn't take the time or spend the money (on promo stuff). Now I have to hope that readers will be sufficiently interested to look up my site once they leave the con -- if they have a wallet calendar or a cover flat or one of the few booklets I put out. But it's a pain.

I'd blow the signing off, but a lovely woman came after my first panel (cross-over writing) with all my books and we were being rushed out of the room by the next panel and I told her of the signing today...

Well, I missed breakfast here at the hotel, want to bathe, put out my last bit of promo, and try and get some solid writing done on Heart Quest.

May your writing go smoothly today -- from my lips to Heaven's ears...

Love to all,


Blogger moonhart said...

Oh Robin,

You sound exhausted and down.


Here's to home and rest. May you find both ASAP.


4:08 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks Terri, I'm tired, but doing ok. Apparently one of the other booksellers had some of my books and sold out! (hey, it might have only been 3-4, but still) All the cover flats for Guardian of Honor and Sorceress of Faith went away.

Had a good panel, enjoyed myself with Susan Squires and Harry Squires (Knight).


7:26 PM  

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